LG A/C(Inverter) Automatically switches on and off

Is your LG A/C(Inverter) Automatically switches on and off? Ask our technical experts how to fix the issue.

I am facing a strange problem with my year old LG A/C(Inverter) which Automatically switches on and off on its own when switched off while using remote. It keeps juggling this way, eventually making the remote operations not functioning at all. So post observing this pattern, I switched off my MCB switch for a week.

I called up the service team to attend the same. Meanwhile post a week, switched on the MCB switch and switched on the LG Inverter A/C. It seemed to function normally for 15-20 minutes around 8 pm in the night.

Then I switched it off using the A/C remote as the above was working fine (as it looked like). When we came to bed around 10:30 pm, switched on the A/C, we thought it started but it started to oscillate by switching off and on every now and then.

Hence again I switched off the MCB switch. Can anybody throw some light on this problem? I am using Vguard triple booster stabilizer in the above context.