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    Default files and folders should not touch in Windows.

    Do you know why we should not touch some files in Windows? If you are curious, ask our technical experts to know more.

    I have seen some of the files and folders which are displayed on the computer in a hidden mode. Most of them have been seen those files and folders are:
    1. Program Files and Programs Files (x86)
    2. System volume information
    3. System32
    4. Page file
    5. WinSxS
    I want to know, why these files are present there in Windows? Generally all these files and folders would appear in a hidden mode. What would happen if they get deleted? What is the functional responsibly of having these files in the Windows?
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    Well, a Hidden File in any computer system is a file that has its Hidden attribute turned on. Many files come with the hidden attribute turned on by default. This has a simple reason to it these files are essential for the proper functioning of the operating system. A normal user is not expected to remove or modify these files or their content. Doing so can make your system malfunction.
    You should be aware that not all computer users are experts when it comes to handling the system. Operating system related files are kept hidden so that they are not accidentally deleted by users who are not aware of their importance.

    Live....and Let Live!

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