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    How to use Laptop, Computers & Internet to improve our skills?

    If you are keen on improving your productivity with the latest technology products like smartphones, laptops and internet in your hand, our technical experts can guide you through.

    We're living in the era of technology, we have laptops & computers with fastest processing system. We do have fastest and cheapest internet connections. There are many people like me, who have laptop and internet connection but they don't know how to use it more productively. I am sure about you experts, you are using it at its optimum level and that's why you're an expert. Can you please guide us so that people like me can get to improve their multiple skills using laptop and internet? There are millions of stuff to learn and skills to improve. Can you please provide us with some elaborate and useful guidelines?
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    Well, this appears to be a generalized query rather than a technical question. However, I am putting down my views in this context so that you can make optimal use of your computer

    Create shortcuts
    If you have certain tasks that you tend to do quite often on your system, create shortcuts for those tasks. Your operating system comes with several shortcuts for repetitive tasks. Make a point to use them. You do not need to memorize them. A regular usage will etch those in your memory. Automating the backups and maintenance programs like Defragmenting can save you time rather than having to perform them manually.

    Online typing tools
    Typing is something that can consume time. Touch typing can be one of the good practice you can follow. Improve your typing skills. There are several online typing tutoring tools available. Using them to improve your typing speed can help you become more productive.

    Tidy up your desktop
    Have a clean look for your desktop. Arrange only those items that are absolutely necessary. This will save time you may spend searching for them. Same goes for your folders and their management. Develop a habit of creating separate and well understandable folders for the documents of the same type.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The usage of Laptop and Internet are complimentary to each other. Without one the other serves little or no purpose. So let us see it as a package and parts of the same unit. But if we go in details, both can have their own sets of contribution in improving your skills. So we can utilize both to its optimum level both Offline and Online.
    Here are the ways:

    Uses of Laptop Offline

    1. Work with Preloaded Apps
    Once you have a laptop, it is already loaded with Apps like MS Office and other stuff. These are apps where you can develop your skills like Writing, Making Presentations, Accounting, Painting without the help of Internet.
    These are skills that you would need at almost every phase of occasion in your professional life. If you keep practising, you would improve your skills day by day.
    Choosing the type of work you like, you can consult the help files, and find a solution to all your doubts and soon you can become an expert in your respective field of interest.

    2. Use the latest apps after Installing them
    You can get Apps in CDs if you buy them from a store.But nowadays we all get them online. Once you install them in your system, you can work on them both offline and online.

    Use of Internet
    The scope of using the Internet is increasing day by day, and in the current scenario, we can't even think a day without it. Use it in the following ways to improve your skills:

    1. Quench your thirst of Curiosity
    Internet is the virtual library you have it with you at all times. Use it to extend your knowledge on anything you are curious about. Instead of asking others about things, destination directions, spellings, grammar, use of a gadget, the solution to a problem or even on a prescribed medicine you are doubtful about, ask the internet. Though it might not give you the ultimate guidance every time, but it can prepare you with the basic ones.

    2. Finding a suitable App for Daily Life Necessities
    Today there are apps for almost everything. Be it shopping, finding restaurants,
    traveling, booking tickets, designing a house, a room or a website, there are apps to help you out. Find the right ones and use them.

    3. Communication
    Internet is here to connect you with the world. Communicate with your friends, family members and even new people and you can have all your discussions done instantly sitting at home.

    4. Join courses Online
    Get yourself professionally trained sitting at home with the courses offered on several subjects and fields online. Once you get a certification, you are ready to enter the professional world.

    5. Find or switch Jobs
    Once you are ready for entering the professional field, you can showcase your skills in various social sites like Linked In and other ones. You can search for jobs, apply online and get hired.

    5. Get Famous
    Internet gives you a global platform at almost no price. If you are a professional, if you are an artist, a public performer, you can upload your stuff, share them on the social networking sites and get known to thousands and millions of people in no time.

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    The usage of laptops and Internet become part of everyone's life. Here some needs and utilities to be known for a change.

    Keyboard Shortcuts
    Each and everyone needs to know about the keyboard shortcuts for windows. Nowadays everyone is using systems in different ways. But the most common thing to learn about the systems is windows basics and its shortcuts. These shortcuts let you use the system more quickly and faster to search your needs. If you are using a different operating system, then try to learn its shortcuts for the quick functions.

    Typing Master Tool
    This tool helps you to type fluently without getting an error while typing. Typing is one of the major needs for everyone. Without practice, nothing is possible to achieve. Searching keys on the keyboard will let you the lost of time and contents. To prevent from this shortage, this tool helps you to practice and function according to your needs.

    Installed Apps
    There are many types of software in the market which lets you grow by yourself. Some needed software which is to be presented in your laptops and computers are Adobe, MS Office, Paint, Turbo C, etc. These are some part of the needful software which you must be known for your better career. This software contains more knowledge and skill sets do you get from yourselves.

    Learn through Tutorials
    Select some of your known interest and pick up the solutions to learn on the Internet. If you are interested in any technology or software, search for its tutorials through the internet. Get the complete tutorial and start preparing it through online or download these tutorials by documents or videos and prepare it accordingly. The internet helps you in many ways which need to occupy your space with it.

    Vocabulary Skills
    Most of them will struggle to speak with others professionally and conditionally. Speaking skills shows the manners of one's behavior. Speaking is a communication which tends to deliver the message from one to another. If there is any problem, it causes you badly, though, you tried to do with a good cause. To develop those vocabulary skills, these are many videos and audios and even documents have been given in online. Collect those materials through online and start preparing for it.

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    Computers have two types, Desktops and laptops with different Operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux. I assume you are using the windows operating systems and the best efficient operating systems better than other operating systems.
    Any person who gets the first laptop do have a good thinking "how to use it efficiently and effectively" for all purposes. You Computer can be used as diary, where you can record the everyday activities and scheduled alarm so that it can remember you what you have to do on time.
    You can use sticky notes like you write with normal pen or pencil to remember notes.
    There are various Accessories present in the Menu along with the Microsoft Office that will have Microsoft word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft infopath, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Groove, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft Publishers, Microsoft tools. These comes with lot of explanations in the Help menu, if you are learning single and self study. This Microsoft is present both in the Desktop and Laptop.
    If you are interested in learning programs like C,C++, HTML these can be learnt online and offline. Online can be connected to a number of websites through the Google search engine to start first to know about the search engine, and to know the free emails given with them.

    You can learn a lot through the ,'windows Tour', already installed in the Desktops and Laptops. This will teach you the best way to use the Desktop and laptop. Internet usage are of different types today, like Dongle, wifi, cable with leased line internet with high speeds and they are used for different speed. If its a single dongle only one computer can be connected., where as in the WIFI more than one device can be connected either more than 3 computers to maximum 4 computer.
    Mobile devices can also be connected to the WIFI device. Anyhow the speed is much important to know things and act as quickly. Leased line internet is much faster than the wireless and mostly used for corporates also. Leased line are the best in providing the speed and accuracy. you can learn online courses from many countries through internet connection with a registered username and password provided for you in the emails. You can upgrade your knowledge, play games online, know about any questions in the mind. you can best utlise the best search engines like google, yahoo,etc....
    Various mobile application can be used at your computer or laptop for usage of many things like uploading music, files and sharing the files between the mobile, computer and laptops.

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    There are lot of things you can do to improve your skills, save your time and get most out of your computer.

    1. Learn Foreign Language

    If you don't want to waste time to learn from tutor, in such case there are plenty of computer applications that can help you with guided lessons. These applications on desktop can teach you one thing a day. And you can keep track of the progress. Also you can connect with the internet and learn from others. Here are some of the applications that you can use : Rosetta Stone, Duolingo.

    2. Train your brain

    As we age after 60 we start to lose the control over the memory. You have to train your memory the right way so as to retain the memory. You can use some of the online sites to train your memory with puzzles and the activities. Sites such as Lumosity, Peak brain, Memorando and few others. Some of them are free sites and some of them require subscription after free usage.

    3. Learn to code

    The knowledge of coding is definitely going to help you in future. As there are many things that can be automated if you learn how to code. You can use websites like codecademy, lynda and pluralsight. There are lot of things that you can learn from these sites with regard to coding. Most of them have free courses, but you can always go for subscription if you want to do dedicated study.

    4. Keep tab on General Knowledge

    There are plenty of Youtube channels where you can learn about the world and the concepts around. For example TED Ed and Kerzgestat are two channels which present you some of the good concepts in an easy way. You'd learn how to and other history and facts from channels such as this. Best part all videos are free to watch. And you'd learn lot of things.

    5. Automate your tasks

    Sites like Zapier and IFTTT can help you automate some of the tasks on the web. You can save a lot of time on social media and other sites by automating your tasks. You can also save time by downloading emails through program such as thunderbird. And some of the apps can also automate the responses to the generic emails.

    6. Train yourself with new skills

    Sites like Youtube and skillshare and udemy, can be good for learning new skills. You can learn skills, share with others and build your image better. You can also find better job by applying tips on these sites. There is a lot to be learn from that. But it's not going to be easy, it just takes time for sure. So watch one video at a time.

    There is a lot to be done when it comes to the using internet for everyday use and improving your skills. I suggest taking one step at a time and learn skills as you go ahead.

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