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    What are the Smartphones we can look forward in 2017?

    Are you looking for the latest Smartphone releases by all the mobile brands? Ask our technical experts to get the best kind of information.

    Everyone is eager to know their most preferable brands introducing the new models. Likewise I am interested to know which all new Smartphones are going to be released in this 2017 by the well known brands? If possible members please elaborate the models features and specifications with your responses. Also list the prices of those models with your responses and when it will be releasing in India.
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    Well, the year 2017 is definitely going to be a great one in view of the new launches. Nokia making a come back is a big news for me. Then there are few regular flagship launches from the likes of Samsung, Apple and Motorola to new a few.
    The devices I would be looking forward to include :

    Samsung Galaxy S8
    Rumours have been doing the round that Samsung will drop the flat versions and as such we may see only the curved screen versions of Galaxy S8 Edge instead of the S8. It could be too early to make any solid statement in that regard. The resolutions are likely to be bumped. The processor is most likely to be Exynoss one given the shift that Samsung has been onto these days. However, you cannot rule out Snapdragon 835. The phones will obviously launch with Android Nougat customised by TouchWiz. I also expect the USB Type C port.
    Given the debacle that Samsung had to tackle with Note 7 issues, this could be a little hard task for Samsung to get back to the task in terms of reputation.

    Nokia Come back
    2017 will be the year to reckon with for us, the Nokia fans. Rumours have gone to state that Nokia will come with D1C and P1. We all are aware of the sturdiness of Nokia and the durability factor that the brand has enjoyed in the past. We just need to see how will it fare after the couple of years.
    Nokia D1C will be a mid-range device and will come with Snapdragon 430 processor. The full HD device is supposed to be available in two variants of 5.2 and 5.5-inch display size. There have been rumours indicating that the phones will have Carl Zeus lens and a 21 MP sensor. P1 will be a flagship device with quad HD display and a metal build. The new offerings from Nokia have been rumoured come with finger print sensor as well. Recent rumours have suggested a launch of 6 to seven models in the year 2017.

    LG G6
    Though it may be named differently, LG will come with a successor to LG G5. There are no rumours that there may be no huge differences in the new device. The modular design will, reportedly, be ditched. The phone may have USB Type C port.

    Apple iPhone 8
    Well, that is the launch almost everyone is looking forward to. iPhone 8 may not see huge changes from its predecessor. I would expect a metal and glass build. I would hope to see the introduction of wireless charging. Along with iPhone 8, we may also witness iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.
    There are expectations of some radical changes if rumours are to be believed. The new Apple flagship is likely to be launched in September, 2017.

    Samsung Galaxy X
    Samsung Galaxy X is believed to be a foldable smartphone. There is no word on the exact spec sheet of the device as yet. The phone is likely to have Snapdragon 835 processor and a hiked up resolution - possibly 4K. The phone is expected to have a flexible screen and AMOLED at that.

    One Plus 4
    The phone is likely to launch in the ceramic version. It is rumoured to be coming with 6 and 8 GB RAM - may be the first time in the smartphone arena. It can have a 5.3 inch display with a resolution of 4K. The phone may also have dual camera setup on the rear.

    HTC 11
    The next flagship of 2017 from HTC is likely to be named HTC Ocean. It will have a metal body construction. Rumours suggest chamfered edges. The Ocean will come with 5.5-inch display and QHD resolution. You are likely to get 12 MP and 8 MP resolution cameras on the rear and front respectively.

    Those were a couple of phones making their presence felt in the year 2017. There are other possible competitors like Microsoft Surface and Honor P10 as well. The most interesting points to note would be the competition that Nokia would be putting ahead of its rivals and Samsung's plans to bring back its reputation.

    Live....and Let Live!

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