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    How do i earn from Techulator and similar websites like Techulator ?

    Are you keen to know how to earn from Techulator and similar websites like Techulator ? Ask our technical experts for the best advice.

    I am new to the Techulator website, my question is :
    How many websites are there in the Internet like Techulator ? Who are the competitors of Techulator website? How many of them are genuine? Did a good number of people get payments from these websites ?
    My other question is, is it possible to earn through Sending SMS? How many SMS websites are there who give genuine payment ? Please let me know.
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    There are many websites like Techulator, Nobody can exactly tell you the number. As per my 5 years of experience,t I must say Techulator and its sister sites are great. I remember I earned my first penny from here only. There are many fake websites as well but here you need to have some expertise and skills to earn. Earning is totally proportional to the the you spend here and the quantity and quality of your contributions. Yes, People get paid.
    I have never done SMS work and I don't think that's genuine.

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