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    How to join affiliate program?

    Are you looking for Jabong affiliate program? Searching for the best affiliate programs in India? Learn how to join and make money from affiliate program.

    Does the Indian shopping site offer an affiliate program for the bloggers? What is the minimum criteria and traffic requirements to join? What is the commission structure of Jabong affiliate program?

    I have tried many other affiliate programs like Flipkart, Tradus etc. But I could not make any decent money from any of those. Jabong is becoming popular for online shopping and I would like to try their affiliate. Please guide how to join Jabong affiliate program and explain how to it works.
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    Yes, offer affiliate program for bloggers. There is no criteria for this. It is not you should have a blog having very good traffic for being a affiliate of any site. For being an affiliate, you should some methods and techniques to bring in sales via your affiliate link.

    Now for Jabong, it is Free to join as an affiliate. There is no fees. All you need to just sign up, get your affiliate link and promote it all ways you can to bring in sales.

    Advantages of being an affiliate with Jabong.
    Jabong offer 10% commission for all sale made by your affiliate link. So if through your affiliate link, if a person buys a product worth 2000 Rs, then you will get a commission of 200 Rs. And the Cookie Lifetime for yur affiliate who logins through your link is 30 days which is pretty high and you easily make a sale out of it.
    And the Sale validation will be there for 45 days after receipt of order done for the customer through your affiliate link. As they have 30 days money guarantee, so we need to wait for 30 days + 15 days for the process accounting your account with your affiliate amount. So totally 45 days is need for the sales validation.

    Guess this was useful. Go signup and start promoting your affiliate link and get sales.

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    It's easy to join their affiliate program. But it's not easy to earn money from an affiliate program. The visitors who are reffered to them from your site would have to buy something to earn you a commission. You can join their affiliate program from their website. You will get a code to put on your website to display their ads. Whenever a visitos to your site clicks on that ad, he/she will be redirected to their site and if they buy something, you will get some commission. gives a commission of 10% per sale.

  • #1297 is a new and growing online sales company which sells online a variety of good quality branded products. It tries to fulfil the buying needs of men, women and kids especially with regard to the products related to footwear, apparel, jewellery and other accessories.

    The working of the affiliate programme on the website of is very simple. You join as an affiliate or partner of Jabong for free. Jabong displays its ad banner on your site. An interested buyer clicks on that advertisement and places the order for the product from Jabong. You are paid a commission on the sale of the product after the transaction is complete. Let us presume that you have a website or blog named As an affiliate or partner of Jabong, you display a banner of Jabong on your website. A person sitting at his or her computer at home is surfing the web and accidentally happens to visit your web site and gets attracted by the Jabong banner. That person click on the Jabon banner and is taken to the Jabong site. There he or she buys a shoes worth Rs.1000 and completes the transaction with Jabong. For this transaction, you will get a 10% commission on the sale amount which works out to Rs.100. It may take over 45 days for to get the commission credited to your account because of the returns policy of Jabong and other formalities.

    You have to follow the following steps to participate in the Jabong Affiliate Programme:

    1. Apply for the Jabong partnership programme here.

    2. You will be taken to a new window giving you the 'Publisher application'. Follow the simple instructions to fill up the application and submit. Your application will be reviewed and you will be accepted by Jabong to be part of the programme.

    3. Now you can select from a wide range of advertising media. You can make your selection according to what suits you best. Integrate the ad on your website or blog and take assistance of Jabong if needed. The Jabong affiliate team will gladly assist you. This is the way some of the bloggers make extra money for them and you can also do the same.

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    Today a lot of new online shopping websites are launching. So the competition is more. Customers are the revenue of each shopping website because they are buying products from there and they are passing this website to others. However it is not able to collect customers from all areas or from all society by the website it self. For achieving the goal maximum customers they are offering different kind of discount sales, deals and affiliate marketing. Just like jabong all most all online shopping websites are providing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is nothing else, online shopping websites will provide a commission for its affiliates for making sales through their affiliate id's. Affiliates can redeem their earnings via check or gift coupon which can use in the respective websites. Commission offered by different websites will be different. In the case of jabong I think it is offering a quite good commission of 10%. In case of flipkart they are providing a commission from .5% onwards and in this case it is quite difficult to earn. A lot of bloggers are choosing this way to earn money because it is an easy processor. Once you placed the banners and products then you dont need to work on that. It will get updated automatically. For attracting more bloggers and website owners towards this project, affiliate marketing not needed any fees to join. The same case is also applicable to jabong. If you want to register as an affiliate in any online shopping website then you will find a page named affilates in all websites. This page will take you to the registration page as well as from this page you can find the commission details, payment mode, criterias if any, etc.
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    Affiliate programs is a method that helps bloggers to make revenue by referring visitors to other websites, services and online shops. The website gives commission to the referrer when the referred visitor makes a purchase or sign up for a service.

    In India affiliate marketing is now only in basic stages. Majority of people may not know much about the best revenue opportunity they gets with affiliate program. Affiliate program can be classified into two. 1. Affiliate network-In which you need to join one or more affiliate network they will give you some script to show in your blog or website.
    2. Direct affiliate program- In which, you need to sign up for an affiliate program and use their affiliate link on your blogs.

    Now we can tell about Jabong affiliate program. Jabong is the young vibrant online company which aims to provide branded items to buyers. In Jabong affiliate program you need to signup and join for the Jabong affiliate program after fill the application provided by them. After verification and approval they will show their banner on your website or blog, and someone click it and buy an item from the Jabong site you will get referral commission. May be the traffic requirement is same as in case of other affiliate programs. Jabong has offered 10% commission for their affiliate programmers.

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    Well jabong is working with cj. you can join their affiliate programe through Commission Junction affiliate network

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    Thanks for providing information , BTW i joined their affiliate network through tyroo

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