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Which is the best alternative for Google Adsense program?

Date: 04 Mar 2015    Group: Blogging and Websites    Category: Advertising   

We all know that getting a Google AdSense account approved is a hectic job. Many of us do not get the approval from Google to place their ads in our blogs or website. What to do in such case. Is there any alternative for Google AdSense in terms of earnings and authenticity?

Are you unable to get Google Adsense account approved? Then read this post to know all the best alternative for Google Adsense program. Also know the best alternative which provide good earnings.

Author: Tech tête-à-tête    05 Mar 2015      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Nothing compares to Google adsense for the ease of earning opportunities it provides. However, like you rightly stated getting the account approved can be a trying experience.

The best way to ensure your account gets approved is to comply with the guidelines. It makes sense to do a bit of research on what is acceptable and what is not, before forwarding the application for approval. Learn from others mistakes.

Coming to your question, affiliate marketing appears to be quite promising. There are many success stories of bloggers making their millions through affiliate marketing. You'll of course have to successfully promote products on your affiliate list.

Another good way to make money is by writing/selling eBooks. If you have the skill put it to use by creating eBooks.

Author: Muddassir    05 Mar 2015      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Here are some alternatives to Google Adsense :
1. (Yahoo! Bing Ads) - Its minimum payout is $100.
2. Superlinks - This is the best Google Adsene alternative. You need to have 100,000 monthly page views on your blog to apply for a Superlinks account. Its minimum payout is $100 via Paypal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer.
3. Adversal - 50,000 monthly page views are required. Minimum payout is $20 via Paypal or Wire Transfer.
4. Adengage - It requires 1000 page views a day. Its minimum payout is $50 via Paypal, Wire Transfer or Check.
5. Chitika - Minimum payout is $10 via paypal or $50 via Wire Transfer.

Author: Timmappa Kamat    07 Mar 2015      Member Level: Platinum     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

A few good alternatives could be -
Revenue Hits
This is one of the best alternative to AdSense. It is a performance based advertising network.It pays for every eCPM. It provides ads based on the traffic generated by the content.
You need to have adequate traffic to your website for getting effective revenue from Infolinks. It provides In-Text, In-Frame, In-Fold and In-tag advertising solutions. The approval process is quite fast compared to AdSense. If your website has a decent traffic, you can get a stronger revenue.
It is quite similar to AdSense. It provide relevant ads based on the web content. Thus there is an increased chance of getting clicks.
With the tagline " Unlock the cash in your content", this is an excellent platform. It converts different phrases of your content into affiliate links and thus monetises them.There is no need to sign up or take approvals.
This is one of the best in terms of revenue generation. It provides you with daily ad revenue which may not be possible even in AdSense.

Author: Mukhtar    08 Mar 2015      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

There are many alternative available for Adsense. No doubt they are not paying as Adsense. But still you can monetize your content in absence of Google Adsense.

4. BuySellAds
5. Chitika Ads
7. Konetra
9. Pulse Point
10. Trafiic Cash
11. PulsePoint
12. Conversant
13. Adblade
14. Tribalfusion
15. Vibrant Media
16. Infolinks
17. Qadabra
18. Blogsvertise
19. Bidvertiser
20. Amazon
21. ebay

So you see Google Adsense is not the end of world. It is true that you will not able to make money as you make in Google Adsense. But still something is better than nothing.

Author: Bhakti Savla    16 Mar 2015      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

Many bloggers and website owners have started realizing the potential of other ad networks and affiliate programs which serve as good alternatives to Google Adsense. In fact, it is possible to earn good amount through several Google Adsense alternatives like below:

  • for displaying ads on the website and earning from ad impressions.

  • for displaying variety of ads, especially high-paying Pop-under ads.

  • Infolinks ads in the form of in-text ads or in-screen ads which can be used along with other ad networks.

  • Chitika ads can help earn well if your site visitors are majorly from USA and Canada.

  • Amazon India Affiliate Partnership Program to display various product ads across different categories and earn commission for every successful product sale.

  • for displaying ads on site and earning from them.

Thus, one can use different ad networks and affiliate programs to earn through product sale commission, ad clicks, ad impressions, etc.

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