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    How do I close a bank account with SBI?

    Do you want to know the procedure to close a bank account? Follow this thread to learn how to close an account with SBI.

    I have a savings account with SBI and I'm not happy with the services offered by my local branch. Can anyone help me with the procedure to close an SB account with State Bank of India? I asked the bank and they are asking me questions like why do you want to close the account etc. But they are not providing any good service. I have to wait a long to do any transactions.

    Please let me know how can I close the bank account without taking any help from the bank people.
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    Majority of transactions after opening an account in a bank can happen online there days. To deposit money it can be by way of checks or internet banking. It is very less that people with internet banking activated have to go to the banks except of course if you are a businessman where you do a lot of transactions in cash. For withdrawal similarly we have ATMs. What services you feel they are not providing?

    SBI banks have very minimal balance criteria so I too think there is no need to close the account. You should just get its internet banking activated and use it for online transaction purposes only if the local branch service is not good. Even if you don't want to use it, just keep minimum or no balance and let it stay. The bank manager will himself call you after sometime to request you to close the account.

    Even then if you do want to close the account then you do have to take the form from the branch and fill it to close the account. If they are asking you reasons give it to them so that they can improve. If you don't want to give the reasons then tell them a lie like you have too many bank accounts and your salary comes in other account so you want to close this account or that you are shifting to another city and therefore want to close this account.

    Again, I would recommend not closing the account. The services of SBI are really too good even if it being a public sector bank is too crowded and occupied for your liking.

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    State Bank of India is a trusted bank and I won't recommend you to close the account associated with this bank.

    If you still want to close the bank account then download (From the link given below) the Savings Bank Account Closure form or ask for one from the bank, fill it up and submit it to the bank. This form is easy to fill and you can do it without any help. In the respective column, provide the reason for closing the account. Cheque book and unused cheques are to be submitted to the bank at the time of depositing the form so ensure that you carry the required things. If you need any help in filling up the form, then contact me.

    If you need further assistance, contact their Consumer Helpline No. 1800 425 3800.

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    SBI provides almost all facilities to customers. It is one of the top banks of India. You need to contact the manager of SBI for providing all latest facilities like internet banking, SMS alert, check book facilities etc. .
    If you want to close your account with SBI then you need to follow few procedures
    Submit application form for close account with enclose all necessary document like your cheque book, passbook ,debit or credit card etc

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    You need to submit following things for closure of SBI account.

    1. Corresponding account form for closure
    2. Debit card you are using,
    3. Cheque book you are currently having
    4. Proof of all identity you belongs
    5. Submit your passbook

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    If you have savings or current or salary account with SBI (State bank of India) and you want to close it, here are the steps you need to follow.

    Things to remember before closing your SBI bank account.

    You cannot re-open you account again.
    You should make the balance to Zero before proceeding with the account closure.

    Step 1 : Fill form to close the account:
    Step 2 : Return Debit Card ( if you have ), chequebook and passbook.
    Step 3 : ID and Address proof ( Might be required )

    You can also call their toll free number 1800112211 for any issues with closing of bank account.

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    The status of this response is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    Now there is every reason to close account with SBI. I want to close my account there.

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    The status of this response is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    You can not close SBI account online. You need to visit nearest SBI branch personally in order to close your SBI account.

    The process of closing SBI account is given below.

    The first step towards closing SBI account is downloading SBI Account closure form. You can download SBI account closure form SBI website. –

    Step 1 - Visit Nearest SBI branch and submit the duly filled SBI account closure form.

    You need to mention following details in account closing form.

    Your Account number
    Name of account holders
    Signature of the account holder.
    Address of Correspondence
    Reason of closing account
    What is to be done with remaining bank balance (if any)
    Step 2 - You need to gather cheque book, passbook and ATM cum debit card associated with the account. You need to surrender all these at SBI branch while closing your bank account.

    If you want to withdraw cash prior to closing account, you can use your ATM card or cheque book.

    Step 3 - Non KYC account, if your account is not KYC compliance you need to submit address proof and ID proof. It is desirable to carry ID proof and address proof while you are visiting a bank for closing the account.
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    The status of this response is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    The procedure is same for both the Savings and Salary accounts of SBI. I've listed below simple steps following which you can close your SBI bank account.

    You will not be allowed to re-open your account again.
    You have to make the balance in your account to Zero before beginning with the account closure procedure.
    Clear all the pending dues (if any) before closing the account.
    For future reference, it is a good practice to take the complete bank statement of your bank account before closing it.

    1] Fill the form to close the account:
    You will have to fill the complete form along with the following details:

    The Name of the account holder.
    Account number.
    Registered mobile number.
    In what way will you like to transfer the remaining balance from the account:
    Demand Draft
    Transfer to other accounts online.
    Signature of the account holder on the form.
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