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    Is it right to use two separate anti-virus programs in one PC?

    Want to whether one can use two different anti-virus program in a same PC or not? Also want to know if it is not recommended to use different anti-virus in a same PC, what are the effects of it? Get the more information about it here.

    One of my friend is using two separate anti-virus programs in her PC viz., Avast and AVG. My question is only about the particular aspect of using two anti-virus programs in a particular PC. Is it right to use two separate anti-virus programs in one PC? If it is not, what are all the reasons?
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    It is definitely not right to use two antiviruses simultaneously. The possible reason for not using two antiviruses at same time are:
    1. Using two antiviruses simultaneously can create conflicts in the system.
    2. One antivirus will treat the activity of other antivirus as virus.
    3. Every antivirus uses core of the system and using two antiviruses simultaneously will cause:

  • System instability

  • Slows down performance of your computer.

  • Causes system to crash at any time.

  • 4. Keeping two antiviruses in one system means keeping two enemies in one room.
    So it is not right two antiviruses on one computer simaltaneously.

    Sachin R. Kukale

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    Use of two separate anti-virus programs in one PC is not recommended in any condition. Because Antivirus program take control on our system to prevent and block viruses, malware, adware etc. If we installed two separate anti-virus programs in one PC then they start to compete with each other. They detect each others files as viruses and start blocking them. That may cause serious problems with operating system and hardware. Hence it is not right to use two separate anti-virus programs in one PC.
    with best regards

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    Use of two Antivirus in PC is never recommended. One antivirus may treat the other's activity or file system as virus. I'm currently using Microsoft Security Essential and its working smoothly. But remember to update your antivirus regularly and scan your system on daily basis. This will protect your system from virus attack.

    Just for practical purpose I myself installed Norton and AVG in my desktop 2-3 years back. And I still remember how my system used to hang and become irresponsive. So, I had to remove one of them. It's better to use one antivirus and keep it updated.


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    Generally using two antiviruses simultaneously on a computer is not recommended. Because conflicts may arise between them and system speed will be reduced as much. I recommended to use Avast which is best forever. You need to regularly update the version.

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