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    How to disable automatic updates on Windows 10 Preview?

    Are you looking for options to disable automatic updates on Windows 10? Follow this thread to learn your options.


    I am trying Windows 10 on VMWare Workstation and have been changing various settings on the Windows as part of my testing. But I discovered that the automatic updates are enabled by default and there is no option to disable it. I am afraid my customization on Windows may be lost through some Windows updates.

    Is there any way to disable the automatic updates on Windows 10?
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    Windows 10 is currently on tech preview stage. Automatic updates are enabled so that Microsoft can push latest updates to make your Windows more stable and reliable. Also, when there are new features implemented, they will be pushed to your system.

    It is clearly mentioned by Microsoft that you cannot disable automatic updates for Windows 10 tech preview.

    However, if you go to Microsoft Updates screen, you can disable the recommended updates and updates for other Microsoft updates.

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