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    Why there is no Windows 9?

    Do you like to know why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and launched Windows 10? Follow this thread to learn the reason and also to share your views.

    Can anybody tell me why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and went ahead with Windows 10? I saw various rumours and guesses from many people, but I want to know the actual reason. Did Microsoft announce any official reason for skipping Windows 9?
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    Microsoft has not officially announced the reason that why the serial naming order was skipped.

    Rather there few were assumption made that Microsoft want to present a distance between Windows 8 and Windows 10 that's why windows 9 was skipped. Many rumour are flowing online but the truth is not yet known.

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    Yes, Microsoft has not revealed anything about why they skipped to brand for upcoming OS as Windows 9 but Windows 10 OS. However, there are many different news on this and it is unconfirmed yet. It can be possible for anything matching online statement given by some specialist or techy experts since Windows 8.1 update was released following Windows 8 OS and now announced Windows 10 launches and about to release it sooner.

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    Even though lot of rumors are roaming on the internet, one of the reasons among them regarding why Microsoft came up with Windows 10 but not Windows 9 seems logical.

    One of the Windows developer explained the reason behind the name may be because while developing windows apps, they write a particular line which detects the version of the OS the user is running currently which helps them before installing their app on it.

    I have gathered that sample code for you.

    if(version.StartsWith("Windows 9"))
    // Windows 95 and 98 versions
    // Other versions

    The above reason seems much logical because Microsoft might have taken care not to upset their developers or the users using their legacy software.

    Other reasons which include the number 9 which has a meaning of 'torture' in Japanese language and Microsoft want to differentiate its new release from their last release Windows 8 which is a disaster seems illogical and may not be the real reason.

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    It is because Microsoft had already released Windows 9x series of operating systems such as Windows 95 and Windows 98. So literally Windows 9 looks very similar to Windows 9x series. Another reason of this decision is maybe Microsoft want to show Windows 10 will be a big leap after disasterous Windows 8.

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