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    Can I use adsense of one Gmail account to other?

    Can we move the AdSense account from one Google account to another? Are there any genuine ways to transfer AdSense account from one to another?

    I have a adsense account in a Gmail account say Is it possible to use the AdSense ads of to Sometime back I heard Google policy has been updated and we cannot use the AdSense of one account to other. Is that policy still in force?
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    Yes, it is still the same way, or else, they have to give ads to an account which they might not prefer to. Each gmail account has to have a certain set of particularities or criteria fulfilled.
    For example, if I have an adsense account, I cannot transfer or use it with my brother's, or spouse's. Even if the account holder share the same identity, each account has to have its own "account".

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    Hey Mobile Boy,

    You can transfer the Adsense Account from to You can give administrator or normal access to use the adsense account, You can do these setup in user management on Google Adsense Settings.
    But you can't change the personal details of The personal information is also able to change only if you are from specified countries like USA, UK, Australia and few countries as per Google Policies.
    There is no problem of using ads on No's of blogs or websites by using different


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