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    Problem faced by me while moving files from external device to the computer.

    Did you lose the copied files when you pressed Control + Z? Are there any ways to get your copied files back after the copy is reversed by UNDOing in?

    I copied certain files from my Pendrive to my computer after that I formatted the pendrive. When I went to the folder and used Ctrl+z (undo) action the data got lost . I want to know that what the reason behind the data loss.

    I know that accidently I had used the reversed action command but I want to know that what truly happened to that data.
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    As you have clicked on the undo button, it has undone the pasting or sending job. Now as you have formatted your pendrive, the data stored there also got removed.

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    Your data can be recovered with the help of "Remo recovery tool" software.
    check reference link.

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