Does Iphone 6 plus bend test Youtube video tell the truth?

Does iPhone 6 Plus really bend? Have you used iPhone 6 Plus? What is your opinion about?

Apple recently launched two new phones in the form of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. It is believed that iPhone 6 plus bends under pressure i.e. the bend feature of iPhone 6 plus has become viral on the internet. People are raising speculations about bending of iPhone 6 plus. Even there is a Youtube video for iPhone 6 Plus bend test which has received more than 3 crore views. This controversy surrounding iPhone 6 plus is even being labelled as "Bendgate" by several people. Though the truth will be known to Indians when the iPhone 6 price and iPhone 6 plus price in India are announced along with the launch of these iPhone 6 smartphones in India. Does anyone have any confirmed news about the iPhone 6 plus bending ability? Is the Youtube video's bend test for iPhone 6 plus a genuine one?