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    What are the features of Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone?

    What do you think about Jolla smartphones? Follow this thread to learn more information and read reviews of Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone.

    Jolla is a new company formed by a team of former Nokia employees that developed Sailfish OS. There is a lot of buzz around this new operating system which is featured in the company's latest model Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone. I saw this model on Snapdeal as Jolla models are available only on this online retailer. I liked the design but as it uses a completely new operating system, I am not sure whether I should buy this smartphone. Please tell me about its features and if anybody has used this phone, do share its review.
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    Design and looks-
    The Jolla phone is quite thick compared to the other phones but it's handy.. If you have a side look of the Smartphone it will look like two layers placed over one another hence the look is not attractive. The looks will remind you of the Nokia N9.

    Software and Hardware-
    The platform MeeGo supports most of the android application which is the major feature of this phone. Though the innovative software work had been done on the Smartphone by the former Nokia employees the phone doesn't had great capability to lure the buyers. The performance is quite average according to the user demands..It has 104 GHz Qualacomm Snapdragon dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM that' s not compared with the phones available in the range There is 16 GB internal memory which is good. The hardware of this phone lacks to attract the customers. It comes with 2100 mAh battery. According to my view the price of the phone can't be compared to the price of the other phone within that range.

    Display and Camera-
    The display is of 4.5 inches and you can get many phones with display more than this in the same price range. The screen resolution is 960X450 pixels which is less than the demand. In my In my view the price is quite high so you should look for other Smartphone within the same range. The is 8MP secondary camera and the 2 MP primary camera which is suitable for clicking the photographs.

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