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    What is the difference between ADSL modem router and regular wireless routers?

    Do you like to learn the difference between ADSL2 routers, ADSL modem and Ethernet routers? Find out which type of router is suitable for you.

    I am planning to buy a WiFi router but I am confused with all the options available. When I look at Amazon, I see many different products:

    1. ADSL router
    2. ADSL2 router
    3. Wireless router
    4. Ethernet Router

    How are they all different? Which router should I buy to make my home internet wireless and accessible in all the rooms?
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    ADSL router refers to asymmetric digital subscriber line is a communication technology that provide faster data transmission to us.
    The ADSL technology uses telephone signal to provide us data transmission.A ADSL modem router is quite beneficial only when you want more downloading speed rather than the uploading speed. It's popular among home users or between those user who prefer more downloading rather than uploading.An ADSL modem do not require dialing to telephone line to initiate the connection rather it's a plug and play device.In ADSl the number of connection that are allowed are often limited.An ADSL modem needs a power supply.

    ADSL2 router is a just a revised ,enhanced and updated version of ADSL router that provide you higher data speed. Wireless router-The normal wireless router serve a wireless network in your home or at other places by communicating with other wireless devices. The wireless modem need to be connected to a phone line at one point. You can recieve data and send data from your PCs and laptops configured to it.

    Ethernet Router- Ethernet router uses a physical connection to distribute the network between different devices.
    This system is outdated these days and wireless Ethernet routers are now in trend .

    The following link can also help you a lot.

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