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    What are the tips to keep Google Chrome passwords safe and secure?

    Check the answer from the experts to know all about how to keep our stored Google Chrome passwords safe? Tips and tricks on security for Chrome passwords.

    Google Chrome browser is one of the most preferred internet browsers these days. Like several other browsers, we do have "Remember password" feature in Google Chrome as well. It is learnt that our saved passwords in Google Chrome browser can be easily seen by any one using our system (PC or laptop) through the Chrome browser settings for password. If this is true, how can we keep our stored Google Chrome passwords safe? Please share valuable tricks to ensure the security of our Chrome passwords.
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    Google Chrome

    Click the 'Main Menu' icon in the top right corner of the browser.

    Go to Settings -> Scroll down to 'Passwords and Forms' section -> Click 'Manage passwords' link -> Here you can see all the saved passwords with their respective Urls, user names/Email Ids and passwords which are hidden. Click on the 'Show' button to see the passwords in text format. You can even see all the Urls that are exempted from saving their passwords on browser under 'Never Saved' section. You can even check whether passwords are saved or not for websites by entering their names in 'Search Passwords' field.

    Before a few releases back everyone who enter up to here can click 'Show' button and see all the passwords stored.

    But Google immediately has taken action and now we can see all the stored passwords only after entering the 'Windows Password', which we enter while logging into our account.

    Mozilla Firefox

    Click the 'Main Menu' in the top right corner of the browser.

    Go to 'Options' section -> Click on the 'Security' tab in the pop-up window opened -> Under 'Passwords' section, check respective fields to remember passwords for sites or use a master password. You can stop remembering passwords for some websites by clicking 'Exceptions' button and then entering the website URL in the pop-up opened.

    When a master password is not set, you can see all the saved passwords by clicking 'Saved Passwords' button.

    When 'Use a master password' section is checked, you are prompted to set a master password and only after entering this master password you are allowed to see all the passwords stored in Firefox. I personally recommend this as I am using it from last few months.

    Internet Explorer

    Click the 'Settings' icon the top right corner of the browser. Choose 'Internet Options' under it and click 'Content' tab in the pop-up. Then click 'Settings' button in 'AutoComplete' section. Now you can enable or disable the passwords auto-completion feature.

    You can view all your saved passwords by clicking 'Manage Passwords' button. When 'Show' button is clicked a prompt pop-ups asking your windows account password. After entering only the correct password, then we can see all the stored passwords.

    Though we can save our passwords and log in credentials on browsers as they are very convenient because we don't need to download any new applications and no installations are needed, they are not robust and secure. When some one gains physical access to your system, they can easily see your passwords stored in your browser. Instead you can use a password managers which work the same way but you have set a strong master password.

    Some of the best password managers available in market are
    LastPass, Dashlane, RoboForm Everywhere, PasswordBox etc.,

    LastPass is the leader among them with more options like two-factor authentication, restrict logins by a particular country and restricted mobile access other than setting a master password. But what ever password manager you use, take a great care while setting master password as if it is obtained, all your passwords will be visible.

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