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    Can I purchase and sell premium domain names without copyright issues?

    Are you interested to buy and sell domain names with proper disclaimers? If so, read the answer from expert's on do's and dont's on buying and selling of domain names.

    I have been trying my hand at purchasing some catchy domain names and reselling them using platforms like and I was wondering if I can purchase any domain name related to say Cricket World Cup 2015 and put it on auction without building a website for it. Will it create any copyright issue? I remember reading an article on Techulator mentioning that as long as we have proper disclaimers mentioned in our website, we can use certain domain names. However, my current query is only about buying and selling of domain names without preparing any website. For example, can I purchase a domain name like
    Please let me know.
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    Yeah you can sell them, but considering your idea of selling domains of cricket world cup is bad and will not work.
    Try buying and selling those domains which have high searched keywords and contains popular words.
    only those bloggers, who are doing event blogging on cricket world cup 2015 will buy a domain for it. Rest it is useless.
    So better to go with some long term plan.

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