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    How to earn $10 and above from Adsense per day

    Are you interested to know how to earn 10 dollars and above per day from Google Adsense for beginner? How much page views required to reach 10 dollars and above per day? If so, read expert's answers on this.

    There are many Adsense publishers who are earning more than $10 or $20 and above dollars per day, I know that they could have done their best contribution for their blog or website from a long time. However, I would like to know how to earn 10 dollars and above per day from Google Adsense for beginner or recent bloggers? How much page impressions required for earning stated figure? Apt guidance or tips required.
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    If you want to earn from your blog then follow these step-
    1. Use unique content.
    2. Use fast loading theme.
    3. Recieve unique visitor from search engine.
    4. Share it to social sites like facebook,twitter.
    5. Use top paying keyword in post title.

    Prabhat Jani

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    These tips can work to earn more from Google Adsense -

    1. Write long articles.
    2. You can use SEMRUSH to find highest paying Adsense keywords for any niche.
    3. Do lot of SEO to improve blog traffic and Adsense earnings.
    4. Make sure your blog's theme is responsive for mobile and tablet users. So that, Google Adsense can easily show ads on palm devices.
    5. Try to achieve traffic from countries like USA, UK and Canada.
    6. Also do Bing SEO to get traffic from USA and UK because Bing is very popular in these countries.
    7. Write tech and gadgets related articles to get maximum pay per click from Google Adsense.

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