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    Is it possible to access web pages on Google Chrome without internet?

    Want to browse some web pages without using internet? Learn whether its possible to do so or not using Chrome browser.

    I have always believed that to access any web page, you need internet connection. However, recently, I came across someone who told me that it is possible to access certain web pages without any internet connection on your Chrome browser. In fact, he said one can access Gmail without internet connection using Google Chrome browser. Please let me know the tricks to access websites without using internet on Google Chrome browser.
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    Yes it is possible, but only accessing them once online.
    After that you can go on bookmarking those pages or say, add to favourites, but each page you have to do separately and make them available offline.
    Only then you can access them, but obviously those links will not work, if you haven't saved them. And it would be needless to say that you won't get the updated information unless you have saved it.
    Hope this works.

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    Yes you can do. To do that you can press 'Ctrl + S' shortcut key or choose save page as from menu. Bookmarking the webpage just save you the link but it won't save the webpage content. I suggest you to install Chrome extensions. Using the Chrome extensions you can manage your saved webpages just like files in your file manager (My Computer). Extensions used to save webpages are Scrapbook, Chromium Scrapbook, Pocket, Read Later Fast.

    I personally use Pocket extension which is previously known as Read It Later. Installing this extension will add button near the search bar of Google Chrome. If you want to save the page you are viewing just click the 'Pocket' app button. You can open the webpages later without internet connection. I saved lot of webpages mostly which I feel interesting in Quora website.

    Installing extension:
    To install extension in Google Chrome, click on Apps button which you find below search bar. It will redirects you to the Chrome Store. Search for 'Pocket' and click on 'Add to Chrome Extension' to install the app. Finished, enjoy the app.

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    Yes, We can access some web pages without internet connectivity.

    The above said ways work only by saving the web pages before. But you can access web pages offline using "Google Canary".

    Google Canary is a beta version for the next coming version of stable google chrome. So, it is designed for developers to test it and work on it. This provides offline support for webpages and some google products.

    When internet is not connected it tries to access the cached version of that web page. Only thing needed for this is you must have already accessed that web page in the browser.

    You can even access Google Calender, Google Drive and Gmail without internet using this method.

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    The status of this response is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    You can access websites through the google chrome that you have parked as bookmark or that webpage you have saved in your hard disk. Once you bookmark the particular webpage or you saved that particular webpage in your computer then you can open these particular websites offline (without connected to internet) otherwise you can not open them offline.

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