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    Difference between Dual core and Quad core processors

    Dual core mobile phones or quad core mobile phones - which is better? Learn more about the performance difference between both.

    Many smartphones available in India have either Dual core and Quad core processors. I would like to know which is better. Does it have a significant effect on the performance of the mobile? Please guide me.
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    Yes,your smartphone performance get effected by your processor being dual core or quad core. Simply it's like the difference between two men and four men. If your work is getting done with the help of two men take more time than the work taken by four to do the same task.

    First be clear that dual means two, quad means four ,hexa means six and octa means eight.

    Quad core is better than dual core so if you are looking to buy a smartphone then prefer to but Quad core between dual core and quad core. The individual core in quad core can run multiple task simultaneously. Quad core has double the speed than dual core.

    Dual core

    The dual core processor has two separate cores on the same along with a individual cache memory for them. A dual core processor performs better than a single core. Dual core processor consumes more battery compared to quad core and also gives reduced performance than quad core.

    Quad core
    A quad core processor has chip with four independent cores. It reads and executes CPU instructions much faster than dual core.
    The individual cores can allow you to run multiple task at the same point of time. It also consumes less power and gives high performance. Quad core processors works twice as fast as a dual-core processor.

    Benefits of buying Quad core over Dual Core:-

    1. Quad core has double the speed than Dual core.

    2. Quad core processor allows you do faster multitasking.

    3. It shows increased performance while running complex applications.

    4. Quad core processor consumes less power.

    5. When you are playing high defination games here also the quad core processor benefits you.

    6. It's sometimes on your requirement that decides whether you need Dual core or Quad core since if you have excess power may be it should go waste.

    7. A Quad core allows you to run latest apps.

    8. If you require more power and speed combined along with a longer battery life then go for Quad core.

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    A CPU which has 2 complete execution cores is called dual core processor. It can handle multi tasking by having combined power of 2 processors. And quad core processors have 4 independent central processing units which can read and execute instructions. It can be called as the next step of dual core processor.

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    Dual core processor:

    Devices coupled with dual core are much faster than compare to single core device, Dual core means have two threads that can handle two process simultaneously.
    The dual and quad core processor is a chip with two and four independent units called cores.

    Dual core processor means there are two separate cores on same die having own cache memory to store instructions and to execute it.
    Dual core can perform two task simultaneously thus it is better for multitasking.

    Dual core processor execute instructions faster with 2X speed which results low power consumption and decreases overheating.

    Now days maximum budget smartphones are packed with dual core processor.

    Quad core processor:

    Quad core processor has 2X speed of a dual core means 4X less power consumption, 4X faster instruction execution give better performance. multiple execution can be done at the same time.

    Quad core processor can easily handle multiple apps and tasks thus better for multi-tasking.
    Best performance for complex application and high end games with faster web page load times.

    Many mobile companies implements quad core processors on their devices to promote their smartphones in the market.

    Quad core processors is twice as fast as a dual-core processor. Recently Intel introduced Core 2 Extreme quad core mobile processor which has four cores processing multiple threads and multiple tasks at blistering speeds.

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    Dual core processor means that there are two execution units while Quad core has 4 execution units. In case of dual core the data or task i.e. to be performed is delivered to the CPU, it is divided between 2 cores and the process is done.
    While in Quad core the data or instruction is split and given to 4 different cores and the execution is done much quicker.than the dual core.
    If you are planning to buy a Smartphone go for quad core, you wont find any hanging problem and the phone will work smoothly.

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