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    Does Nokia 107 support Whatsapp? If yes, how to install it?

    Does Nokia 107 support Whatsapp? Find out the expert opinion on this.

    I am thinking of purchasing Nokia 107 mobile phone which is a very nice cellphone. It's a budget phone with basic features and a affordable price. I would like to know whether this phone supports Whatsapp or not as I have heard that some Nokia phones support it. Please let me know and if yes then tell me how to install and start using it.
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    No, Nokia 107 doesn't support whatsapp because the handset doesn't allow internet connectivity.

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    No it doesnt support because it has no internet connection. Basically the piece can be used to listen music as it can support SD card, basic calls and messaging.

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    Whatsapp can be installed in Nokia 107, but it will not work as handset is not manufactured to provide internet connectivity.
    Its is possible to install because of handset support for Java apps hence whatsapp.jar can be easily installed.

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