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    How to convert .pdf file into .epub file ?

    Want to read pdf files as ebooks on your Android smartphone? Read this thread to know the complete procedure to convert .pdf file into .epub file.

    I want to read a pdf file in my ebook application on Android phone. I want to convert .pdf file to .epub file. How to do it? Is there any software or conversion tool available online which makes this possible? Please let me know the complete procedure.
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    Yes, there are many software or tools available in the market that convert .Pdf file to .ePub file or some websites do it online also. You can convert with the help of following ways. Some websites also convert the .pdf file to .ePub file whereas there are abundant of software that also acclaim that they are capable to do the conversion.

    1. Online - This site converts the .pdf file online and in return supplies plain text to the ePub format.The simple thing that you have to do is you have to upload the file or you have to provide the URL of the file and then you have to click on the "convert file". If you select the default option you will get the ePub file whereas if you click the drop down menu you can avail most option which gives you the freedom to convert your file to convert into nearly 26 formats. This sites gives you converts you .pdf in his four option. The four basic options that are necessary while using this sites are:-

    Step 1- Upload section - Upload your file or select the URL to convert.You can also drag or drop the file there. Note that the file size should be upto 100 MB . If your file size is greater than 100 MB the site charges some money.

    Step 2 - Choose the format you want. There are nearly 160 formats available there which comes under the section image section,music section,document section,compressed file section, ebook section,Video Section. Click on the drop down arrow and select the required.

    Step 3 - Provide your email address at the third step to recieve the converted file in your email inbox.

    Step 4 - Click confirm to agree to the terms of the site and convert your file.

    3.PDF to ePub converter - This software helps you in conversion of your file. The all you have to do is download the software which has a 15 free trial and the software size is 3.42 MB.

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    There are various tools available online which allow you to convert pdf file to ePub file. I am giving below some convertors which I was able to find by using search engine.

    You can find more such websites by searching on Google.

    Hope it answers your query.

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