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    Is it possible to buy two Xiaomi Redmi in a single transaction?

    Planning to buy Xiaomi Redmi during the flash sale? Read this thread to know whether it is possible to buy 2 cellphones in a single transaction on Flipkart.

    The Xiaomi Redmi sale starts next week (September 2)on Flipkart. I and my friend are planning to buy that mobile. He wants me to buy the mobile for him. My doubt is whether I can buy two mobiles at the same time. Any users tried to buy two Xiaomi Mi3 before?
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    Due to the high pre-registrations for the device, Flipkart has decided to limit the number of purchases to 1 per email address. You may be able to buy additional devices if you're lucky and use separate email addresses.

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    It is not possible to buy two Xiaomi Redmi 1s smartphones in a single transaction on Flipkart. As the Xiaomi Redmi 1s smartphone goes on sale on the Flipkar website only once a week, there is a restriction per registered member willing to purchase that phone. However, one can use multiple email addresses to order the phone from different PCs or laptops at the same instant.
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    No you can't buy two Xiaomi Redmi 1S can't in a single transaction. you willl have to use two different email.The Xiaomi Redmi 1s can only be grabbed by using buyhatke's Google chrome extension. Even then there are least chances that it will come to your cart at the time of sale.You have to be online at the time of sale and if you had a good luck the smartphone will come to your cart.

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