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    How to increase number of followers in Twitter?

    Do you want to increase your followers in the social media? Learn the tips to increase the followers for your Twitter, Facebook and other social profiles.

    I am working as a SEO/SMO freelancer. Some of my clients are highly impressed by the fact that personalities like Indian PM Narendra Modi or Obama in US have a huge number of followers on Twitter. Though, I have been successful in establishing a decent number of page likes for the clients, I am unble to get the desired number of followers in Twitter for the client's accounts. How to increase followers in Twitter and social media?

    Please guide and suggest some tricks to improve the number of followers in Twitter for the clients.
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    The more you follow others in Twitter, the more chances of other follows your account, so work accordingly. It is not so easy unless you try for a long time and become well known for your output, contribution and friendship comments.

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    As it is already mentioned in above response that the easiest way to increase the number of followers is by following more and more people. Yes, you will get quite a number of followers with this. But is it worth doing this? I don't think so. Some of the people may follow you back but they will be less loyal followers. They will unfollow you after few days.

    If you want followers for your client, then you must do the following -

    1. Use interesting tags in your tweets which may be related to your clients promotion. Tags are a great feature of twitter which enables the users to reach a whole lot of people with your tweets. (eg. #twitter).
    2. Using search option provided at the top of the website. You can even search tags in search. This will enable you to find who are interested on that topic, tag or keyword. Communicate with them.
    3. Mention target users in your tweets.
    4. Make polite replies to others tweets.
    5. If possible start quiz contests. This is also done with the help of tags. A lot of companies attract followers with this method.

    You must follow all these steps and make a good repo of your twitter account. In this case your clients account.

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    Your followers count depends upon your posting. Increasing twitter followers is very easy if you follow some easy steps.

    Steps to follow in order to increase twitter followers:
    Follow all the people and most of the people will follow you back.
    *Use hash tags and make use of them properly
    Post with hash tags(#) trending at present. These can be seen in the side bar of twitter home page.Join in some social media networks which will increase your twitter followers like justretweet,addmefast and many other networksIf you want to increase more,then just go for paid services.Thee are many people in seoclerks,fiverr who will just provide you 10000 followers with just $2 or more.The quotes ta peak times and images will get more re-tweets and exposures.Timing is important in twitter.

    Follow all these tips to increase your twitter followers rapidly. Hope I helped you. If you have any other doubts, don't hesitate to drop your comment below.

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    There are many ways to get more followers.But remember not to follow anyone hoping he or she will follow you back.This behaviour may make you get banned by twitter. Follow these steps. Please remember getting more followers will take a lot time unless you are a celebrity.

    1. Make sure you have uploaded a real photo of yourself.Avoid fake images , or those cartoons.
    2. Create an interesting bio. Clearly explain who are you and what you do.
    3. Make your twitter presence visible by letting people know about you in your email signature or visiting cards , your blog or website.
    4. Tweet valuable content.Be generous.Share originality. Be inspiring. Post helpful resources.
    5. Post quite frequently.Your contents may interest someone who will retweet you and become your follower.Make proper use of hash tags.
    6. Keep your posts short so that can be retweeted easily.
    7. Tend to interact in public than via DM. Not sharing in public may turn you being treated unsociable.
    8. Use strategic following. Follow people who share the same background as you do.Some of them will definitely follow you back.
    9. Frequently retweet others.The more you link to others , the more they will reciprocate.
    10.Yes , promotion is important , but don't be over indulgent in promoting your views , blogs or website.
    Finally don't give too much importance to numbers.If you follow above advice , the numbers can take care of themselves.

    Live....and Let Live!

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