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Should I allow comments with links in my blogs?

Date: 18 Aug 2014   Posted By: Paresh Gujarati     Group: Blogging and Websites    Category: Blogger Blogging Platform   

I am having two good blogs which are performing good and mostly fetches the traffic. But the problem is, lot of comments with back links. What to do with this? Should I allow these comments or remove it with links? If I want only links to be removed in blogger blog, what is the option? I do not find any such options.

Are you tired of spamming on your blog posts in the form of comments? Is it possible to remove only the website address from the comments? Find out the options to reduce spam and keep your blog clean.

Author: [Anonymous]    20 Aug 2014      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

How to remove comment link in blogger blog? If you wanted to know how to disable external link or hyperlink from your blog comment then follow the below steps.

Go to blog "Setting",
Click on "Template"
Click on "Edit html"
You need to paste the below mentioned code before this html tag </html> at the end of the code. Save it and check it for new comments and not for the previous or old one for link disable but changed to text type.

Hyperlink will be removed if you use this code: <script src=''/>
<script>$('.comment-content a[rel$=nofollow]').replaceWith(function(){return ($(this).text());});</script>

Hyperlink will be changed to text if you use this code: <script src=''/>
<script>$('.comment-content a[rel$=nofollow]').hide());</script>

Author: Anwesha    21 Aug 2014      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

It is always better to allow these comments to appear in your blog along with whatever links it comes (unless a virus prone site). That will enhance the value of your blog and the links will also fetch traffic which obviously you will want to have.
Only if there is any unwanted comment, you can set your preferences going to the settings and disable comments option. Still better will be if you can set up a moderator option where you can choose which comment you want to appear in your blog and those which you don't.
You didn't mention in which site you have your blog,for further clarification, you need to mention it, for example, whether it is in Blogger, or Wordpress etc.
All the best.

Author: [Anonymous]    23 Aug 2014      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

I would suggest you not to allow comments in your blogs with backlinks. It will help you to eradicate unnecessary spam comments and only genuine and quality comments would be retained. If you allow comments on your blog posts with backlinks then your site performance will be greatly affected especially search engine rankings. Even if you allow backlink, make sure they link to high quality authority sites rich in content and related to the blog article.

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