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Advantage and disadvantage of becoming Blogger

Date: 12 Aug 2014    Group: Blogging and Websites    Category: Blogger Blogging Platform   

We normally see hundreds and thousands of emerging bloggers online day by day and there is stiff competition among them. In general, I would like to know from pro-bloggers what is the advantages and disadvantages of blogging or becoming blogger?

What are the advantages of becoming a fulltime blogger? Can we take blogging as a fulltime job? How is the future of blogging?

Author: soujanya    13 Aug 2014      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Dear friend, you are right, we can see some thousands of blogs these days, but only few get popular because of the content they share. Bloggers write articles which are most browsed on internet with good English and right information. Generally, people browse about technology articles, about cooking, beauty, politics, business development etc.

A blogger logger should have a good command on what he is writing. According to me, advantages are 1. A good time pass, 2. Good earning from Ads, 3. Sharing your views/information with others, 4. Lots of friends etc.

Disadvantages, 1. Should give some time in a day to write/edit/post an article, 2. Keep working to improve your blog, 3.Read other blogs to get to know about the drawbacks in your blog etc.

Author: Mobile Boy    13 Aug 2014      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

I can see many new blogs rising but Google's new algorithms and artificial intelligence search results will be threat to lot of bloggers. For example, there are a few websites which post only about launch date and price of mobile phones. Now Google is capable to give direct answer and the users need not open the website to get their answer. I can see there is redundancy in niche, especially the tech news gets repeated in all websites.

According to me, big advantage of blogging is earning and you can work from home and post articles whenever you like. As a part time blogger I don't see any disadvantage and full time bloggers may experience bitterness when Google comes with new algorithm or Google disable AdSense ads.

Robot Journalism
Few days back I read an article related to robot journalism. It means software can write an article with little or no human help. If it happens it will be huge threat to reproduced article writers. Only the people who can write innovative article can stand in the market.

Author: Bhakti Savla    14 Aug 2014      Member Level: Gold     Points : 12  (Rs 12)    Voting Score: 0

Advantages of becoming a blogger:

  • Possibility to earn from articles written long back i.e. even if you do not write articles for a few days, you can still keep earning from your previous articles and blog posts.

  • Potential to earn from varied avenues like Adsense, Infolinks, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Reviews, Guest posting, etc.

  • Requirement to write blog posts on new topics makes a blogger research a lot and stay updated regularly.

  • Flexibility to write articles at any time of the day. A full-time blogger has no fixed working hours.

  • Ability to get increment in earnings every month, unlike other full-time jobs. It all depends on the improving quality of your blogs.

  • A blogger can reach out to lacs of people through their writing and can bring about a positive change in the society.

Disadvantages of becoming a blogger:
  • A full-time blogger might sometimes miss the fun of working in a team environment at office.

  • A new blogger has to wait for some time before he / she can see substantial earnings generated from the blog.

Author: [Anonymous]    15 Aug 2014      Member Level: Gold     Points : 10  (Rs 10)    Voting Score: 0

I am mentioning some of the major advantages and disadvantages of blogging below. Check them out.

Some Advantages of Blogging:
  • You are your own boss. You can work as per your wish. There is nobody to keep a control on you.

  • You can work according to your own timings. You can work in the morning or at night as per your wish and convenience.

  • You can work from your house. No need to travel to your office daily.

  • Since you work from home, you can spend a lot more quality time with your loved ones and family members.

  • If you become a popular blogger, you can earn much higher amount than your normal salary.

  • Some Disadvantages of Blogging:
  • Your income is dependent on the traffic your blog receives. If your rankings decrease due to any search engine update, your income will also come down substantially.

  • Due to heavy competition, your blog may be washed out from the search engine results.

  • You might have to work extremely hard initially to establish your blogs.

  • You have to manage a lot of freelancers/editors who you might employ for various tasks.

  • You might notice that like everything blogging has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you how you make use of it for your benefits.

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