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    Minimum percentage required to get placed in top IT companies.

    Looking for minimum requirements to get placements in major IT companies? DO they care about academic marks? Find out what our experts think.

    My cousin was pursuing final year MCA course. As of now her percentage till 5th semester is 89%. But she got only 60% in her UG degree. My question is to get placed in top IT companies, is it mandatory to get marks above 70% in PG as well as in UG course?
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    She is very lucky. Most of the IT companies especially MNC's demand at least 60% or above throughout your education. However there might be some exceptions to this.

    You can visit individual employers websites and check out the eligibility criteria online as they change periodically.

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    To get placed in top IT companies, overall 60% and above is enough in UG / PG Degrees as minimum eligibility. Other than this, he/she has to pass through introduction test, general aptitude test, written test and HR test. That's it.

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    For freshers jobs in top IT companies, most of the companies prefer the candidates with minimum 60% or above at HSC/Diploma, Graduation and PG levels.

    Some new age IT companies have started taking thier own designed aptitude test and skill test. If you have powerful skill set in IT, you may get lucky over a candidate having more percentage than you.

    For experienced candidates, the weightage is given more to a domain expert rather than merit in marksheet.

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    There are few companies like Cognizant who looks for candidates with first class. In Anna University Chennai 65% is considered as first class. Congizant clearly mentioned 65% as eligibility criteria for people from Tamilnadu state. So it purely depends on the organization you are going to attend interview. There are few companies which looks at the percentage of recent degree.

    Some companies don't care about your academic score if you have good scores in exams like AMCAT, eLitmus.

    Opportunities are more if you have more percentage.

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    I had heard somewhere that MNC companies will also calculate UG marks during selection. Is it true? Since my cousin has got only 60% in UG she was really confused.

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