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The best Android Emulators to download

Date: 24 Jun 2014    Group: Software & Apps    Category: Software   

Which one is the best free Android Emulators to download and use for Windows XP/7/8 system? What are the basic Windows OS system (Laptop or Desktop) configuration requirement for Android Emulator to download and run without any issue. What is the advantages of Android Emulators usage. Kindly reply with detail.

Are you looking for Android emulators? Find out about the best Android emulators and learn where to download them.

Author: Anwesha    12 Jul 2014      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 15  (Rs 15)    Voting Score: 0

The best Android Emulators which are right now available for Windows are down here in the list. I have gone in some detail so that you can go through the list and choose the one that suits you best.

One of the best Android emulator for Windows that tops the list is the Bluestacks for its features, popularity, and quality. It is one of the most popular software among the Android emulators for Windows, which is not completely a virtual software but is more of an app player. It has the Push apps which is an easy to use app for the PC to navigate better on the bigger screen and it runs on Mac PC too.

Another which was equally good for Windows is the YouWave,but it is a paid one. YouWave has a full Android system which stands better than the Bluestacks. The menu and the options of the app player are just like any regular Android home screen, it works better with the resources borrowed from a software called virtual box, if this virtual piece of software got installed on your system then you may have to remove it before installing the Youwave because both will be relating with the same services.

The third in the list may be the Native Android emulator, which works technically as a third party Android emulator with a better performance capacity and it has lots of features than we would expect but one of the downsides of this emulator is that you don't have any direct access to the Google play to download the apps, you can only manually download the apk file for each app and need to upload the files in emulator which is really a cumbersome process. The best part of it is that you get Native emulator absolutely Free. It really gives you the experience of a stable performance record but it may not stand equal to Bluestacks or Youwave, honestly speaking.

Next you can try the Genymotion that comes with great features like good connectivity options, wifi connection, nicely placed GPS emulation options and the feature of testing the gps functionality. Apart from that it has a Built-in command line to interact with the Genymotion. The other one worth mentioning in this list is
The Jar of Beans. It does come with a feature rich package that includes a hardware acceleration process to improve performance but it works mainly on Intel based machines. It Works on a 1280*768 or higher resolution with an Option to create a virtual SD card.

Among all these there has been no negative feedback about Bluestacks or Youwave and if you don't mind spending a little to get the best functionality, I would suggest you Youwave, but in case you are looking for a free one, Bluestacks has to be in the number one priority.

Author: Manoj Prajapati    07 Oct 2014      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

By my own experience I can say that the BlueStacks is better than all the android Emulator but also 2nd Rank Goes to Genymotion.
The best Android emulator is said to be BlueStacks
If Your PC is a HIGH end based system means having 4GB minimum RAM and Maximum 8GB coupled with 3GHz intel dual or quad core processor to Run Bluestacks very well.
To Run Bluestacks without any issue:
requirements are:
1. 8GB RAM,
2. any intel processor with 3GHz minimum frequency having quad core.
3. any 512MB graphic card(minimum).
Genymotion is also best for LOW end based system means having 1GB or 2GB RAM with 2GHz processor.
Genymotion can able to give faster performance than the bluestacks but not able to play many games and apps like Blustacks.
Coming to conclusion Blustacks is #1 Better and Best ever and ever than all,
because Bluestacks is able to play all the Games and Apps of android, other android emulators can only able to play few apps and games only.


Author: Muddassir    30 Dec 2014      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 14  (Rs 14)    Voting Score: 0

These are the best Android emulators to run Android apps and games on PC :
1. Andy.
Minimum requirments to run Andy Android emulator on pc :
OS - Windows XP, Vista, 7.
Dual core processor from Intel/AMD.
2 GB free had disk space.
2. Bluestacks.
Minimum requirments to run Bluestacks Android emulator on pc :
OS - Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.
.NET Framework 2.0 SP2 installed ( ignore this if you have operating system other than Windows XP ).
2 GB RAM memory.
9 GB free hard disk memory to store Androis games and data.
Latest graphic drivers according to your system's motherboard.
3. YouWave.
Minimum requirments to run YouWave Android emulator on pc :
Intel Pentium 1.6GHz processor.
1.5GB RAM memory.
500MB free hard disk space.
OS - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 32/64 bit version.
4. Jar of Beans.
5. Genymotion.
6. Google SDK Toolkit.

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