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    How Can We Fill / Charge the Gas in Air Conditioners?

    Do you use air conditioners at your home/ How often you change the gas? Follow this thread to learn why and how often you need to change the gas in your air conditioners.

    The question is about the filling of the gas in Air Conditioners. In summer we need to use Air Conditioners at our homes and offices. So many people says you must fill the gas in compressor, when we installed the Air conditioners at our homes or offices and after passing two to three the cooling average will be very down and not enough for our rooms. So then some people say please fill out the gas in your air conditioners. Kindly tell me how can we fill or charge the gas in A.C? In which gas is used in Air Conditioners?
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    Being a Mechanical Engineer, I can understand how Air conditioner works. There is no need to charge gas or refrigerant (which can be R-22,R-12 or R-134-a (Latest)) if your AC works well or even at lower performance level. There are many components in AC which might degrade the performance such as compressor, condenser and capillary tube. You should first consult technician of refrigeration and air conditioner. So, do not simply blame gas when your AC's performance is down.

    Second thing, never try to fill or charge gas/refrigerant on your own. It is very RISKY. Some refrigerants are very toxic. It may harm to your health too. And also you cannot always get 100% pure refrigerant/gas once your AC is depleted with gas.

    Now coming to the procedure, You should do the followings to charge the gas in AC.

    1. First find out the outlet with valve where we can exhaust the gas from AC.
    2. You need to evacuate the system by vacuum pump. This involves removal of moisture and air entrapped during exhaust process.
    3. Get mass flow meter ready and connect it in line between compressor and charging cylinder. Start the charging process initially slowly and then at required rate. You cannot fill more than recommended quantity as pressure-volume relation might change the phase change process for refrigerant.

    This is what you should know.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    Before refilling the gas in the air conditioner check the air pressure there. If pressure of gas inside your A.C. is less than 65 PSI - 70 PSI then go for refilling other wise not.

    I would suggest you to call the brand engineer because in case local mechanic fails to solve your problem or if the problem persists after refilling then time as well as money goes waste. Call the brand engineer and ask him for proper analysis.


    They have a small pressure checking metre which when attached to the highlighted vent shows the pressure of the A.C. If the pressure shows there less than 60 then the mechanic would connect a small cylinder to that vent and refill the gas in you A.C. hence you can't fill the gas yourself.

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