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    Review of Healthkart affiliate program

    Are you looking for information about Healthkart affiliate program? Want to learn their commission structure? Read more in this thread.

    Have you ever tried using Healthkart affiliate program? How is it? What is the commission structure offered by Healthkart to its affiliates?

    There are many affiliate programs in India but very few are related to health related niche. Kindly tell me the details of this affiliate program and its benefits. Also do share some other health niche affiliate programs in India if you know.
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    I've never tried their affiliate program, so do not have any first hand experience. I looked at their website and they have not provided much information publicly. All you can do through their website is sign up for their program. However, they haven't disclosed any details on the commission structure.

    I just an email to them asking for the details. Let's see if they will respond.

    If you are interested to sign up for Healthkart affiliate program, follow this url -

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