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    The best Water Purifiers to buy

    Want to buy best water purifier out of many available in market based on initial cost and refilling cost? Get best advice from our experts related to best water purifier issue.

    Nowadays people need to consume mineral water due to potable water issue. All can't afford to buy mineral water for their daily consumption, however they can buy at least some of the best Water Purifiers by considering the cost. As per expert opinion, which one is the best Water Purifiers to buy? Let us know about the price and its refilling cost.
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    If you are searching for best water purifier then I would suggest you to go with Kent. Kent provides double purification by the use of RO+UF+UV with inbuilt feature of Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) controller. With the combination of these, it removes all the harmful chemicals and salts present in the water and makes it capable for drinking purpose. While removing this harmful contents it retains the essential minerals. Kent is known to be certified company by well know laboratories of USA based firm: NSF and WQA. NSF and DQA is the best recognized certification in the field of treatment of water. It has 8 litres of storage capacity and it also ensures that water is available even current(electricity) is not there.

    Services provided by Kent

  • There is no extra charge for installation and it would be done on customer's premises

  • Warranty would be effective right from the date of installation. Warranty period for different part is shown below:

    • All Electricals and Mechanical parts have 1 Year warranty

    • Reverse Osmosis(RO)Membrane and Ultrafiltration(UF) Membrane for 1 Year

    • Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter and Post Carbon Filter have warranty for 6 months

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    Other than Kent you can also go for Pureit. It is a Hindustan Unilever product. They provide three types of purifiers namely manual fill, automatic fill and reverse osmosis (RO) purifier. The price ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs.16000. Below are some models and their pricing.

    Manual type:
    PUREIT CLASSIC 14L - Rs.1550
    PUREIT CLASSIC 23L - Rs.2600
    PUREIT ADVANCED 23L - Rs.3100

    Automatic type:

    Reverse Osmosis type:

    These are the available models from Pureit manufacturer. You can choose the one which suites your budget.

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