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    Benefits of using a secondary budget phone apart from a primary smartphone

    Wondering what is the need for a secondary smartphone? Checkout why some people use two phones.

    I have seen a lot of people, especially businessmen, traders and even some bloggers, carrying and using simple low priced budget phones along with high end smartphones. I would like to know what is the benefit of doing this?
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    Normally smartphones are battery killers especially Android devices. It drains the whole battery within one or two days. If you are staying in your home or office charging these devices is not a problem. But if you are a business man or you need to travel across the world regularly keeping your device in charged condition would be difficult. For these people they can use basic phones as a backup and manage their important calls with this device. We all know that basic phones are well known for better backup and it can keep the charge more than one week by a normal usage. So a basic secondary device is always a good option for them.
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    I use secondary basic phone to accommodate my extra SIM card. As my career is IT, I will be placed in different locations. So I was forced to buy a secondary phone to accommodate extra SIM card. Every time I get a new location I need to buy a new SIM card to avoid roaming. Sometimes I might give different mobile number to different banks. So to receive update and One Time Password from bank, I need to have all the SIM cards with me. I want my primary phone to be capable of all the task like Wi-Fi, multi-tasking, email etc. So I have a good smartphone as my primary mobile. My secondary mobile should have double-SIM capability and able to recieve message.

    If battery backup is key problem, that person can opt for battery bank. Battery bank will give extra 12 - 24 hours of battery power depending on the product you buy.

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    I used to carry two mobile phones not because of the sim card issue but because I use my smartphone to play games to send sms and for using Whatsapp. These smartphone devices get hanged frequently. So I use a normal Nokia phone to receive any important business as well as personal calls or messages.

    And another reason why people use two mobile phones is because they don't want to mix their private life with their professional life.

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    If you are busy on internet and cannot close it because you are on some important webpage and doesn't want to lose the content and also that you want to some important calls, so then the budget phone can do your this job.

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