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    What do you mean by beta version of a website?

    Do you want to know what is beta version of a website? Why some websites are set to beta versions for a few days? Read on to know more about beta websites.

    I have recently seen some websites which are said to be in beta phase. I would like to know from the experts what exactly does 'beta' phase mean and what is its benefit to the user and the website owner.
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    A website is set to be beta when it changed its interface and is in testing process. Websites, apps and software needs up gradation over a period of time.

    When a website interface is changed several conflicts with screen sizes or loopholes in code may occur. To detect all such drawbacks in newer version its takes time. Instead of making a website, software or any app unavailable to users, it's beta version will be released.

    Recently Alexa released its beta version which will be continued as permanent website in a few days. Also some websites and apps take feedback from testers on their newer version. If found any loopholes, they will be cleared or they'll continue with old interface.

    There're no benefits except the user satisfaction for a new website. Actually a webmaster gets benefited with the website when his beta version passes the Browser compatibility issues, fits every resolution i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop and security issues etc.

    I hope you got the solution.

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    Above author have given clear detail on meaning of 'Beta' version. However, Beta word is considered as 'Trial' or 'Testing' period in online world. During beta, positive or negative result / activity can occur from the project for which any producer/programmer or user can face good or bad experience from those projects.

    Beta version is released by big organization to get the feedback from users to launch their finalized product with user's favor to attract the business upon its launch/release.


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    This is the second release and is generally what is tested by the public via release, select distribution, or temporary release. The beta may still be basic compared to what the end-result product is aimed to be.

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    Normally three types of versions are available for websites/apps. The first one is Alpha, second is Beta and the third final version. In Alpha state the website/app will be in an infant state with basic programmes, bugs etc. Normally these version websites/apps will not be available for public. The company employers or app developers will test this version and then it will be moved to the second stage, the Beta version. In Beta version the newly developed website/app will be introduced to the public. Whenever a Beta version introduced in to the market they will specify the same in it's title. During this Beta test time public will browse/download websites/apps in their computers, laptops, Tablet PC's, smartphones etc and they will comment the bugs/problems they faced when testing this Beta version. As per the user reviews the developers will modify the websites/apps and they will launch the final release.
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    Usually, when some app or website is about to be introduced for the public, the testing phase to check its perfectness and errors it is called a beta version.

    So we can say that beta version of a website is trial site or a testing site. Before introducing final version all the bugs and errors are checked. So when final version of website is introduced it has less errors and bugs.


    1. User get error free website.
    2. All features of website are tested in beta version and works correctly when final version released.
    3.Better performance in future
    4.Better way to know users needs and deliver to them in future.

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