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    How to dual boot my windows 7 PC?

    Do you like to work on both Windows 7 and Linux? Learn how to make your computer dual boot Windows 7 and Linux.

    I want to dual boot my PC and I am facing a problem that how to dual boot my PC with windows 7 and with Linux for some study purpose I have both the windows in different DVD which are bootable. Please provide a step by step instruction for installing windows in my PC I want to know it as urgent as possible.
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    Installing operating system is a time taking process. I cannot cover all the steps for installing two operating system in a PC. I suggest you to watch YouTube videos where you can find tons of tutorials. Also it is good to mention the name and version Linux OS. There are more than 100 Linux flavors. Most commonly used Linux flavors are Ubuntu and Fedora. I have dual operating system in my laptop Windows and Fedora. It is easy process and basic English knowledge is enough to install operating system. First install Windows 7 and then install Linux OS. I will give you simple steps to dual boot the PC.

    1. Insert Windows 7 CD and press 'F8' to start OS installation.
    2. Specify the partition where you want to install Windows 7 OS. Then complete the installation.
    3. After Windows 7 installation is done successful, insert Linux CD and restart.
    4. Press F8 which will take you to live OS for Ubuntu, Fedora and Open Suse Linux flavors.
    5. After you reach Linux desktop, there will be Linux installer in the desktop. Double click on the installer.
    6. It will shows you options to choose storage space and the location where you want to install Linux OS. Just read and follow the instructions to install the OS.

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