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    How to correct the wrong Aadhar number linked with the bank

    Did you link the wrong Aadhar number with the bank by mistake? Want to know how to get it corrected? Learn how to change the Aadhar number linked with the banks.

    I made a mistake while linking the Aadhar number with the bank. How can I correct it? How to link the correct number?
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    There is no problem if you mistakenly linked wrong Aadhar number in bank. There are only two ways to correct this mistake. Firstly, you can go to that bank branch and ask for another form to link the correct Aadhar number. If any problem, you can discuss to the bank manganer. Through this method, you can instantly link the correct number. Secondly, you can apply through online form. Visit to other official bank website then fill the Aadhar form online to correct the wrong linked number. This method will take only few minutes to appy for the form. Within two or three days, you will get the correct Aadhar number linked to bank.

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    Write an application address to Branch Manager and submit it to the respective Bank Manager along with copies of relevant document such as correct Aadhar card number and Bank a/c detail.

    They will then review and approve the application and request their internal department to modify the necessary information in their database to link a right one. It will be done within a week time period maximum.


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