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    Can I open a proprietary firm and LLP firm on the same address?

    Planning to start a proprietary firm and LLP firm in near future? Read this thread to complete details about it and whether you can open both of them using the same address.

    I plan to open a LLP firm in partnership with my friends for some e-commerce website. In addition, I also plan to open a proprietary firm to handle content writing assignments with the help of a team of writers. Is it fine if I use the same address for both firm establishments? Please confirm.
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    Yes you can have as many registered businesses operating from the same location as required. As long as your businesses are legal as per the rule of law in your country and follow all the mandatory requirements your state's trade/business laws recommend, you should not have any issue. in case you are planning to operate out of rented premises, it would be good to execute a rent/lease agreement with the lessor and get it notified through a authorized notary just to make sure that there are no issues later on from either side that can affect your operations.

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