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    Is Google Chromecast worth buying?

    Are you wondering if it is worth buying Google Chromecast in India? Learn the pros and cons of Chromecast video streaming device.

    I am hearing a lot of buzz about the new Google Chromecast video streaming device. How does it work? Is it worth buying? Is it available in India.

    Sorry for asking too many questions. But I really want to know since I want to give it as a gift to a friend on her birthday. Can it be a good gift for a good friend?
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    I recently bought a Chromecast, which bought in USA and brought to India with the help of a friend who was coming on vacation. It was not available in India at that time. Now Amazon India is selling it and so you can easily get it here.

    Let me tell my experience with Chromecast. When I bought it, I had not much idea about how it works. I read a lot of good reviews on the web and thought I would buy it and see how it works. However, once I got it and installed, I am really impressed.

    Let me tell how it works. It has 2 ports - 1 HDMI port and another USB port. Until I received it, I thought we have to connect it to the USB port in the TV to play it but later realized we have to connect it to the USB port for power and then connect a short cable to the HDMI cable to stream the videos.

    Once you connect the Chromecast to the TV, you need to select the connected port as the Input. When the correct input is selected, it will prompt you to configure it in a few simple steps. It connects with your computer through WiFi. Your computer and Chromecast must be in the same WiFi network.

    After you connect the Chromecast to the WiFi, you need to install a small app on your computer's browser. It will add some small icons to your browser and YouTube videos. If you click on that icon in the browser/video, what you see in the computer will be streamed to the television through the Chromecast device.

    This is a very handy unit for me now and we are using it a lot at home. My wife watches her favourite YouTube videos through our big TV instead of watching in the computer. I can let the kids watch videos from YouTube while I can continue working on the laptop. Very convenient.

    The most impressive thing about using Chromecast is, while streaming a YouTube video from the computer, you can switch to other windows on the computer and continue working. There is no need to keep the video as the top browser.

    There are lot of fake and duplicate devices similar to this device. Many of them are selling in the name of Chromecast. Don't get cheated by them. When you search for deals, coupons, discounts etc for this device, a lot of Google search results actually show other fake devices since they are advertising in the name of Chromecast.

    Overall, I really like the Chromecast and believe it is a value for money device. The setup and configuration was very easy and straight forward. No complex configuration.

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