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    Best deals for Chromecast in India

    Are you looking for coupons and deals for Google Chromecast in India? Follow this thread to find the best deals, coupons and discounts.

    I am planning to buy Google Chromecast. This is available for US$ 35 at, which is roughly Rs 2000 in Indian rupees. However, the same item is available in India for Rs 3500 or even more. Nearly double the price.

    Can anybody suggest some places I can buy the Chromecast in India at the lowest price? Any deals like Snapdeal or coupons for discount? I am trying to get it at about the same price as buying from USA.

    Or, someone coming from USA can bring it for me? Do they have to pay customs charges if someone bring it from USA when they come to India? Is there customs duty for this kind of items?
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    Ideally, you have to pay custom duty for any items you bring from USA to India. However, every person is allowed to import some items under a certain price range without paying any customs duty. So, if you have any friends coming and they aren't carrying any expensive items, then can bring a Chromecast for you without paying any customs duty.

    Chromecast is a very small device that looks like a pendrive and usually custom people will not even pay attention to it. Even if they notice, they might not bother to ask for import duty for such small devices, unless you get into an argument with them for some reason.

    The best deal I have found in India so far is at Amazon. Check the price in Amazon India.

    To find other deals and coupons for Chromecast in India, just Google it. From time to time, there are lot of deals coming up in many online shops. Amazon India is a great place to buy electronic items at the lowest price. Flipkart is another option.

    Many people are selling it in eBay India also. Explore that option as well. However, many people are selling similar devices and not exactly the Chromecast. Don't get cheated. Make sure you read the full details before you order an item from eBay India.

    Buy Chromecast from Amazon at Rs 3,290

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    I did a little bit more research. Looks like no other online shops are selling it in India. Snapdeal is selling some other devices. Flipkart doesn't have any such TV streaming devices.

    eBay shows a few search results but many of them are other products similar to this. If you find any other online shops selling Chromecast, please let me know by posting a comment below.

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    As far as my knowledge goes, Chromecast is currently being sold online only at Amazon India for a price of Rs.3,290/-. Amazon also offers free shipping on the product. You can even try to use cash back sites like Cashkaro, Pennyful etc and check if they offer cash back on purchases at Amazon. If at all they provide the cash back then maybe you might be able to save a few rupees too on the product.
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