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    BADA does not support whatsapp

    Want to know how to run Whatsapp on Bada platform on amsung smartphones? Let us see if we can help you find a solution to use Whatsapp on Samsung phones running on Bada OS.

    I am using the Samsung smartphone having Bada operating system the phone does not support whatsapp. What are the limitation of Bada and how this problem can be solved? I searched for different sites but I failed to get solution to install Whatsapp in Bada operating system on my Samsung phones. Many of the Samsung phones have Bada Operating System but does they support Whatsapp. Or, there is any version of Whatsapp which runs on Bada?
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    "Bada" is an old operating system which is now dropped by Samsung like Nokia dropped Symbian. There are plenty of reasons to drop Bada. Now, all Samsung mobiles come with popular Android OS.

    Whatsapp was not released when Bada was popular among mobile operating systems. Now, Bada is dropped. So unfortunately, there is no chance for Whatsapp in Bada Software.

    Currently Whatsapp is available for following OS:
  • S40

  • S60

  • Android

  • Windows

  • BlackBerry

  • iOS

  • So, you must switch to any of these OS to get Whatsapp in your mobile phone. Hope this helps your query.

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