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    Is globallshare a genuine social networking website?

    Read this thread to know all about the all-new GlobAllShare website.

    Recently, I have started seeing advertisements of a new social networking site called GlobAllShare. Many people on Facebook are seen sharing registration links for this website. A unique thing about this website is that it promises to pay select registered users just for getting people registered at this site and help it grow globally. Please let me know if it is a genuine website or not.
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    It's FAKE and a stupid Social networking website. Have you ever heard of a Social Networking website that pays if you make your friends join it? If not, this Globallshare is the one.

    It says that 'you can earn money if you make your friends join it by sharing links on Facebook or any other platform.' Its like a chain link earning process where you get money even when a friend of friend joins this site. Even some members claimed that they are receiving messages asking them do download some suspicious apps.

    Also, here is a point from their Terms and Privacy;
    We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to provide the service.

    Read it twice, this indicates your personal information (that's in the previous line) and they share users personal information with third parties to some extent. Who knows what is except to the extent to globallshare?

    So, better be away from such websites and earning money is a kinda promotional tactic and don't get fooled.

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    There is not any social network website which pays money on making referrals to the website .Global share is fake website i also saw about these fake websites and also have registered in some websites but none have given me a little profit They only have just for show nothing else. you can have only one source of making revenue that is Indian Study Channel can only make revenue i suggest you dont trust on these fake websites they will only waste your time dont waste your time on these fake sites..

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    No, globallshare is a not a genuine social networking website. There is no website. That page when you make your friends. you can earn money by creating of your own blog or by joining India study or

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