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    Getting error in installing YouTube video downloader extension in Google Chrome

    Are you unable to add YouTube Chrome extension? Getting errors while installing this extension? Know how to successfully install YouTube Chrome extension.

    I have tried to install 'YouTube video downloader' extension from a Google Chrome extension website. First I have downloaded the extension and when tried to install it, it gives following error, 'Apps, extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website'. What is the reason behind it? Please help in this matter. Also tell the solution.

    Getting error in installing YouTube video downloader extension in Google Chrome
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    I would suggest you to download different YouTube video downloader to your system and try it. Since there are many YouTube downloaders available online for free of cost, you can try an alternative. It is better to try with another downloader, this is my experience and it is going well.

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    From where you are tried to install the extension? Is it from the official Google Chrome Webstore. I don't think that you're adding the extension from there. There may be some rules like the Apps or Extensions can only be downloaded and install from Chrome Webstore.

    So, please go to the Official Google Chrome Webstore and add the Extension or App. But, I don't think this extension will work on Youtube. There are some restriction for downloading flash from video streaming websites.
    I suggest you to use, the latest Internet download Manager, and install its extension on Google Chrome, it will detect any Flash video from any site, and will download faster.

    Try it. It will surely work. Please ask without any hesitations if you have any questions regarding this.

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    I don't think that you downloaded it from the Chrome web store. From The Picture I can say that you used a third party website to download the YouTubeVideoDownloader.

    Don't use the Chrome extension in Chrome Browser because the more you use extension the more it creates temp files which affects the browsing speed.

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