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How to get Microsoft OneDrive Code

Date: 29 Jan 2014   Group: Internet & Browsers    Category: Other Internet topics    Posted By: [Anonymous]   

I am using Microsoft OneDrive (SkyDrive) to store my files in the cloud and backup my important files. I have almost reached my file storage quote and want to expand it. Is there any OneDrive coupon codes I can use to get more space without spending money?

When I try to add more storage, SkyDrive shows I can use a SkyDrive code instead of paying money. Can anyone share me a valid code I can use? Is there any other ways to get free storage with OneDrive?

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Looking for code to expand the Microsoft OneDrive storage? Follow this thread to learn how to expand storage at SkyDrive without spending any money.

Author: Ravi Kandala    30 Jan 2014      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

You have to buy extra space on SkyDrive unless you have a Windows Phone. That SkyDrive redemption code seems to be applicable for those who linked their phone with their live account. So, if you are a WP user, better check your live account and get the redemption code to avail the 20 GB free space for one year.

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