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    Which one of them is best, the iOS or Windows or Android?

    Do you want to know which operating system (iOS, Windows 8, Android) is best or superior with respect to other and also the pros and cons of each w.r.t to other? Read the following views by experts related to OS.

    Dear friends,

    Recently we learn a lot about various operating systems meant for smartphones. The familiar ones being iOS, Windows and Android. In these, iOS and Android boast of various versions for the smartphones depending upon the models. I wonder which one is best among the Android, Windows and iOS.

    Can anybody list the advantages and disadvantages associated with these operating systems? I would be happy if you post them as a resource and present the link here and I shall go through the same.

    Thanks in anticipation.
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    According to me, the best one is the Android because of the following features:

    1) Android provides the highest version of 4.1 which enables you to experience about 10 crore apps from the Google Play Store.

    2) The Android loaded phones have a great touch with the modern technology of the TFT capacitive touchscreen and hence gives you eternal joy while using this appliance.

    3) The processing speed of the android products is really tremendous which the other operating systems like windows, iOS etc lack.

    4) Android appliances provide us with great features, specifications etc a really amazing rates.

    5) Android based operating system products gives user a great pleasure through every source like the entertainment from games, cool apps, HD videos, quality sound etc.

    You can get full description of the merits and demerits of these operating systems by the reference link I have provided below as per you suggestion.

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    Depends on what you want?

    Gamer? Even though Apple use a 1Ghz dual-core processor, they are known to have good gaming performance than any Android device; that's because the iOS doesn't use much resources from the device, hence using less RAM and processor. Though Android phones are not bad either.

    Customization? Android is the best. As you can change a lot of things in it and make it in your own way/style.

    User Friendly? Both are user friendly. But Android is one step ahead because of the service it provides like YouTube, Google Now, Google Maps, etc. Though its available for iOS also, Android phones have the upper hand here.

    I haven't mentioned of Windows OS because I really haven't used one, so I can't really say anything about it. But, if you want a smartphone for your daily use like calling, SMS, internet I think Windows phone does the job and is easily affordable.

    And the choice should be totally made by you and not us the users @ techulator, because you are using the phone and not us. :P
    Hope this helped you. :)

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    Hi Mam,
    I prefer Android operating system is the best at the current trend.

    1. Android operating system brings many sub-category versions like Ginger berd, and so on.
    2. Lot of applications provided in the android play store.
    3. The data processing speed will be high in rate.
    4. Malware protection is high in the device.

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    All the Android, Apple iOS and Windows Operating Systems are great on their platforms. As the Android OS and iOS are used in most of Mobile phones and Windows Operating System is used in mobile phones as well as computers and laptops.

    All above mentioned OS are excellent.

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