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    How to earn money from YouTube ?

    Do you want to earn money from your videos? Learn how to make money from YouTube videos.

    I have an YouTube account and I uploaded some videos. I got some views for my videos. But my earning is 0. Also, I got some clicks on Ads. But the earning is again 0. What might be the reason? If any one know about earning through YouTube, help me.
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    You can earn money from your uploaded videos on YouTube through "YouTube Partnership Program". To apply YPP YouTube user must have high quality traffic generating videos. In this program we earn money through Google AdSense account. The advertising rates for our video depend on its quality and popularity. As you said you are not able to generate good revenue, means you have to create and upload high quality videos. Also use good traffic fetching tags for gaining popularity. Hope this tricks may help you to earn maximum revenue through YouTube Partnership Program.
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    Having YoutTube account is not only the criteria for making money though Google Adsense. For this you need an approved Google Adsense and the videos uploaded by yourself should be able to fetch high traffic. Just like here in Techulator, it is illegal to upload copied videos and if you do so, it may lead to disapproval of your Google adsense account. Wait some time, whenever your videos starts to gain traffic then your earnings will climb up.
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    Hi Sulthan,
    First of all create an account in the YouTube. You should strictly follow the rules and regulations in the YouTube. Google should approve your account for the Adsense. Should not upload videos which from other sites and other authors. It is like violating the rules. Try to create your own video and produce it. Give the link to all your friends first. And produce the link in other Social Medias, so that it will reach to all other visitors for their view. When visitors view your video, there will be some credits provided by the Google. The credits will be added into your account due to Adsense. From this point you could start your earnings.

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    I already have an approved Adsense account and a YouTube account. Also I uploaded some my own videos. When I click analytics in YouTube, it shows some clicks. But my estimated earning says N/A. Why?

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    Even if you have a google adsense account and youtube account, to earn money from youtube videos,one needs to do the following:
    -Associate google adsense account with the youtube account.
    -Get registered and approved for youtube partnership program.
    -Make all your uploaded original videos ready for earning.

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    Bhakti Savla

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    Yes friend now earning through the youtube is possible & you can earn handsome earning by uploading original & clear videos. Youtube has given this program "youtube partnership program". If you have google adsense account approved then you can associate it otherwise you can apply for the new adsense account. If any visitors visit on your uploaded video then google will pay you earning. But you can earn more money only when you upload the different video with the good picture quality.

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    Yes, one can make money on YouTube by becoming a YouTube partner, which allows you to display ads on your videos, and then you can earn a percentage of the revenue generated by clicks on those ads, much like with AdSense. First you need to have YouTube account and then add videos with high quality and not too long, try to upload regularly and stay consistent with your uploads. Keep uploading more and more videos and try to get people hooked, also send your videos on twitter and Facebook and distribute it else where on the internet. Then you can become a YouTube partner. Upload good content regularly, and have either a viral video or a decent sized audience, try to eliminate copyrighted material on your channel and in your videos. After that setup Google AdSense account, it is the process to be able to display ads on your YouTube videos, your earnings and stats will go together with your AdSense account. By sharing the link or embedding the video on the internet, you are increasing the chance of it getting noticed and of you making money.

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