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    Can we earn money by developing mobile application?

    Do you want to know whether you earn money by developing mobile application? Tricky questions, but watch out what the experts say.

    I have heard that the mobile application developers can earn revenue by publishing mobile applications developed by them. If someone can really earn revenue by this method then how is this possible? Please give me stepwise details on how to earn money by developing mobile applications.
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    Today, mobile applications are gaining huge competition. If you have any idea to develop a new mobile application and want to earn money then concentrate on App that meets the today's requirements of mobile users i.e., get knowledge about what users are expecting? If you want to develop a game and you have a simple concept hen make it interesting by adding new features. For example, the concept of Angry birds is very simple but its game play is very interesting, so it attracted many users.

    After developing your mobile application submit it in any application store. And before submitting it read carefully the usage terms, policy and terms & conditions of that store. So, that after getting a clear idea it will be easy to get your application approval.

    After you mobile application is approved you need to promote you App in such a way that customers need to download your App. You need to give a good design to your App so that customers feel good about your product. You need to team up with few programmers and designers in order to get your App into perfect shape.

    If your App clicks in the market then you can sell it to the interested persons with reasonable price.

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    You know the app market is getting bigger and bigger every day and millions of Android, Windows, iOS smartphnoes, tablet pc's are utilising the market. Android users generally go for Google play store, which is the play ground of Android apps. Every day millions of apps are being installed. So, its quite easy for you to earn money through these kind of apps 'if your apps works fine in the app store'. You can't earn money just by uploading an app in the app market. Your app should have to give a perfect value. You know how Angry birds creators made millions of dollars. Its just a simple game but it attracted the game maniacs. Just like that you need to take out your maximum efforts and you need to create a good app. If your app runs perfect in the app store you have several ways to earn money.

    The first way is to make your app premium whare the users have to pay an amount, decided by you for the installation. This feature is having some difficulties. The users will not pay you directly without knowing what you provide in your app. As a newbie the chances for getting genuine app is less. So, your downloads will be minimum, hence the earnings. The second way is Freemium. There are two types of Freemium ways. First one is that you will provide your app for free for the first installation. After that if your users wants to update the version, or he wants to get access in few more options he can only update it by paying you. This is also a good way, because you are providing the app freely for the first installation and if the user is satisfied with your product then he will update it with premium options. The next Freemium way is that you are providing your app for free completely. This is the most effective way for you to maximize the downloads. To earn from this you can add advertisements to these apps.
    There are a lot of ways are available for you to earn money from your app, but the first thing is its theme and how it attracts the users.

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