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    How to increase mileage in bikes

    Do you want to know how to increase mileage in bikes? If yes, read the answers.

    I own a tvs-star dlx bike. Unlike other bikes of its kind, it is giving a mileage of only 45kmpl. Please advise which part must be replaced in order to get a mileage of 80-85kmpl. I have tried to tune it but that didnt work well. Awaiting your reply.
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    Its not possible to get a mileage of 80-85 in every bike. Each company will announce the maximum mileage given by a specific bike at the time of its launch. I dont know how much mileage offered by TVS for this bike. But I will tell you some tips which may help you to improve the mileage. Normally Hero bikes are providing maximum mileage when comparing to other brands and these bikes will get a good second sale value. To improve the mileage of a bike the first thing you need to perform is that tune your bike with the help of an expert mechanic. Try to make sure that you are tuning your bike every time with him. It will give you the maximum result for the tuning that he performed. This is the most cheapest and easiest way for improving the mileage. If the problem is not solved by this process then next step is cleaning of the filter. It should be done by an expert technician. The cleaning is done with petrol. It will take some time for the process. The next way is that try to drive you bike in Economy. That means 30-50 kmph range. The speed of the vehile also plays a great role in the mileage. While dealing with the speed the next way is the proper shifting of the gears. If the problem is not solved by the above ways then change the petrol pump where you normally goes for refueling.
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    Please follow these few tips to increase mileage of your bike. However you cannot get a mileage up to 80-85 km pl. Firstly you need to control your gear shifts. You need to choose correct gear level while driving the bike i.e you should change the gears correctly according to traffic, roads (highways, streets, etc). Don't drive at low gears unnecessarily and don't drive in high gears at the same time. Make sure that you fill the fuel tank in early mornings, because in mornings the temperature will be low and hence it doesn't effect the density of fuel. Another thing put off the engine while you are in traffic.

    Don't drive fast in streets because, you need to change the gears frequently and you need to apply brakes suddenly which wastes the fuel. Don't change the gears suddenly from high level to low level, as this decreases fuel efficiency. And while accelerating don;t press clutch. Give your bike for servicing regularly. So please follow these tips in order to increase mileage of your bike.

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    There are various factors needs to be consider while trying to increase mileage of bike

    1. Proper maintenance of your bike.
    2. Use correct fuel and oil.
    3. Do regular service.
    4. Change engine oil frequently.
    5. Avoid overloading your bike.
    6. Change gears properly.
    7. Switch off your engine while waiting in traffic signals.

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