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    Can we add the Adsense account to another Gmail account?

    Can you add your Adsense account to another Gmail account? Know about it in this thread.

    I have registered for Google Adsense account without using my existing Gmail account. Recently, Gmail has introduced a feature where we can add our different Google accounts. I found that some products cannot be added and I want to know whether we can attach the Google Adsense account to another Gmail account or not. Please tell me if there will be any conflict between these different products from Google.
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    You have registered with Adsense account using a gmail account. First login to your adsense account using the above gmail account. At the top right corner of the page you can see an option 'my account', click on it. Here you will see account setting option where you can add your new gmail account i.e., as a secondary account. And you can login into your adsense account using this new gmail account and also note that by doing so the first gmail account is not removed or deleted. So better keep in mind that you can only add a new account but you can't delete an existing account. I hope you understood.
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    Yes, you can add any Gmail account to your existing AdSense account. But it is always recommended to keep the AdSense account safe from your personal account. Most of the publisher use a separate account for AdSense and their personal email works. You can get the information and step wise details in the article given below : Change Google Adsense Login Email.
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