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    How to setup Wi-Fi router at my house?

    Are you planning to setup a Wi-Fi router at home? Don't you know the process involved in setting up a Wi-Fi connection? Go through this post and know how to set up a Wi-Fi router at home.

    Hello, I'm Vivian. I would like to get Wi-Fi connection in my house but have no knowledge in this field. My specifications are that the Wi-Fi modem router should connect my PC, Laptop & 2-3 Smart phones & it should have a range of 10 metres. It also should be within Rs.2500 or at the maximum Rs.3000. My net connection is now around 2 Mbps. Kindly help. Thank You.
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    Purchase a D-link Wi-Fi modem and it costs around Rs.2200 offline with warranty. Configure the modem according to the instructions provided in manual provided with the modem with your network. If you find it difficult and if you have bsnl broadband, you can contact bsnl office in person and they will configure for you. After configuration connect in your pc. That's it. Now you can connect to your laptop and smartphones which has inbuilt WiFi facility. But to connect to your computer you need to have WiFi hardware installed in your computer, if not you can purchase a Wi-Fi dongle. However you can connect your computer with cable and other devices via Wi-Fi. I have done the same in my pc. Hope it helps you and I will be to assist if you need any more information.
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    I can suggest you Belkin WiFi router which is cheap at Rs.1500, you can get some other WiFi router in this range also but if you buy online then it could be little expensive.

    Normally WiFi router covers around 50 to 70 meters and some up to 100 meters thus you don't have any issues on this. Once you bought it follow the instruction to connect your system's network then pair by Router's password to other Smartphone and Laptop to get net connectivity. It is so simple and nothing to worry on this, if you still facing any issue, you may then contact local network service provider to solve the issue.

    You can also check the following link given for more detail on this.
    Low cost Wi-Fi routers


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