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    Alternatives for myOpenId service

    What are the alternatives for myOpenId? How to migrate myOpenId identity to another OpenId provider? Follow this thread to learn more about the available options.

    I heard that the myOpenId service is going to be shut down and we can no longer use this OpenId identity to login to various services. What a disappointment! I was hoping this will become the standard on the web and we can safely use this identity everywhere, someday, without worrying about sharing our personal identity information with all the websites.

    According to the new, the myOpenId will no longer exist after 1 Feb 2014.

    Do you think another service will replace this service? What are the alternatives for myOpenId, in your opinion? How can I migrate my existing myOpenId identity to another service provider? What will happen to all existing myOpenId accounts?
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    The status of this response is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    There are some hot news going on about myOpendID service off, users says they are going to face some issues due to pull up of the service effective Feb 2014. There are thousands/millions of members have their myOpenID and looking for its alternate solution.

    I heard that the best alternate for myOpenID is Stack Exchange which also helps the additional feature of myOpenID type along with their Q&A services, you can try it. Another related one is, and it is just sharing images for authorized sites.


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